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[学校信息] GRE321 IELTS 7.5 GPA 4.0如何选校?

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GRE 321 IELTS 7.5 GPA 4.0
本科211/985 BA
工作8年 Retail
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The good news is that your IELTS score (even Harvard's minimum of 7.5) and GPA are very solid. Your GRE of 321 is harder to evaluate since you don't offer the verbal / quant breakout, though it does appear to be the weaker part of your application right now. Most top MBA programs in the U.S. accept either the GRE *OR* the GMAT. Have you considered taking the GMAT instead? You may very well do better on that exam than the GRE. Keep in mind that average tests scores for your demographic are often higher since there are so many qualified Chinese applicants who apply. Unfortunately your retail experience is also harder to peg since we don't know whether you are working in marketing, leadership, or a shop floor. Obviously the differences in these sorts of retail employment have significant bearing on your application. I think we could offer more direct advice on school targeting if we had more information.

Raj Patil
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RajPatil_Brown 发表于 2020-1-16 14:44
The good news is that your IELTS score (even Harvard's minimum of 7.5) and GPA are very solid. Your  ...

Wow! Thank you sooo much for your detailed evaluation and information. My GRE V 152 Q169 AW 3.5 and I have 8 years working experience in supply chain management in luxury goods. At your disposal and look forward to your further feedback. Thanks a lot!
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