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个人感觉,很多investment bank都会固定去bschool招mba做associate,所以通过mba转进finance是一条比较切实可行的路。虽然很多buyside都会要求analyst考cfa,但是cfa对于banking/equity research都不是必须的,只能体现你对finance的兴趣。通过cfa break into banking比较靠个人努力networking,优秀的stock pitch以及运气。
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我认为你不需要MBA 你需要的是先混入这个圈子。 做研究员很辛苦的,尤其是初期,不仅仅要看你有没有数理功底还要看你是否能写,敢写,会写,所以你的本科很关键。我觉得你如果决议要在大陆做研究员,先去混混校友圈子(如果你的本科ok的话)找找老大哥有没有人带进圈子。然后,找一个小券商甚至小机构,老老实实写上1年报告,比什么MBA都好使。 MBA并不是不可以,但是既浪费时间又浪费钱,顶级商学院MBA出来做研究员太可惜。
还有CFA 无所谓,做股票基本用不上,做债还可以,不过报考CFA至少证明你的换行的决心吧。
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The decision to do MBA or CFA is not necessarily a binary one. Many people pursue both, often concurrently (especially since the MBA curriculum, especially a finance track, overlaps nicely with the CFA curriculum).

In what discipline was your Masters from NYU? The brief description of your career goals provided here indicates an interest in finance industry. If you aspire to become a fund manager, you could potentially accomplish this with EITHER a CFA or a Masters in Finance or an MBA. You'll have to weigh the likelihood of the outcome you want with the costs associated with these three paths (the CFA, for example, generally requires a commitment of at least 300 study hours for each of the three tests and it's pass rate hovers around 40% for each - you'll be giving up a LOT of free time to successfully study for this).

Many people are able to switch careers with a CFA (especially back/middle office finance to front office finance - that's a common path), but it's arguably harder than going to Harvard/Stanford/Wharton and formally recruiting for front office financial service positions with their official recruiting pipeline. Plus it could be argued that going to these schools gives you an edge should you decide to pivot out of finance (perhaps back into tech/analytics?) as well. You don't provide enough information in your candidate eval request (e.g., GMAT or GRE, grades, promotion schedule, etc) to decide whether you could potentially be a fit at these schools, but if you have the credentials to give a top-tier MBA program a try, you should try to do it.

Good luck,
Raj Patil
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