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LZ已经考了6次T了,四次90+就是冲不上100,有点自闭,单次最高99(28 24 23 24),bs102
其他简单信息:GPA 3.66/4 (WES)   GMAT770(作文4.5) 211金融本科  三段实习(投资公司、世界500强以及券商投行部做IPO项目一个月)  一些不重要的小奖和社团活动、志愿者等
现在定校:JHU MSF、圣路易斯华盛顿MSF(GMF) UIUC  
最近几天在疯狂刷论坛,发现以前T107 G740的都被JHU拒了
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Hey there,
It's curious to me that your TOEFL score (99) is so far below your GMAT (770). That is a stellar GMAT score. It's rare to see somebody do so well on the GMAT (which is half verbal) and poorly ont he TOEFL. One option you may have is the PTE, which schools like Wharton will except in lieu of the TOEFL. You need to check the schools in which you are interested in to see if they accept the PTE.  Depending on your problem areas, you may find it easier. Another route is to take a training course on the TOEFL. Many exist in China.  Your work experience is strong (it seems - would need a fulsome resume to fully evaluate) but most top business programs will want to see full-time employment. It appears here that you are most interested in Masters in Finance, which will be more forgiving, though, and don't necessarily expect full-time employment. If you can get your TOEFL score up and if you have the right strategic positioning, I'd say that you have a good shot at MSF for the schools you mention.

Raj Patil
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RajPatil_Brown 发表于 2020-1-3 17:06
Hey there,
It's curious to me that your TOEFL score (99) is so far below your GMAT (770). That is a  ...

Yeah, right. I am surprised too. When I analysed this situation, I found that my highest listening score is only 24, which also exerts a negative effect on my speaking part and writing part. But my reading score achieves 29. Maybe this is the reason why I got only 99 in TOEFL and 770 in GMAT, cause GMAT does not need any listening. All these three schools are my dream schools, so I will try to take the TOEFL test again to raise the score. Thanks.
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尝煮酒 发表于 4分钟前

我是说哥大商学院~另外yale som也不需要TOEFL
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nasri321 发表于 2020-1-11 17:49

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