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[面试经验] 1/12/2019 MSQF Interview with Lawrence Murray , Fordham Unversity

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Non-Chinese Guy here. First of all, thanks to Chase dreams for sharing the content.It was really helpful. I will commit to contribute to community as well, fostering an environment for mutual growth.

Lawrence was a really humble guy who conducted a qualitative interview. They were in my city for a QS MBA fair to promote their college and they thought it would be the best opportunity to meet the candidates (Thank God I didn't end up for quantitative ones!). The questions asked were similar to those mentioned in the forum -
  • Why Gabelli?
  • In which area would your supervisor finds you can improve?  Give two qualities (its a rephrasal of what's your weakness? Make sure to mention how you tackled these)
  • You have four years of Work experience, Why not MBA? (I am a tech /Science guy . Would go for PhD in future but no people management)
  • Apart from QF, which other courses would you like to take (Data Science, Machine learning FTW \m/!)
  • If you ever had a conflict with your colleague in taking decisions, how did you handle them?
  • What makes you different from other candidates for this program?
  • What do you do apart from work in your free time? ( I mentioned that I learnt Lindy Hop and Swing dancing before. Its origin is in Harlem New York and he was delighted to hear that. He really stresses on hobbies as mentioned in other posts. Make sure you aren't 'boring')
  • Any Questions?

    Apart from these, I mentioned that I attended webinars and mentioned SPECIFIC NAMES of people in admissions committee (Elainne Benette for Finance) , one of the Fordham alumnus with whom I had worked with, and a professor whom I talked to before. It really made a good impression on the dean.

    Fordham MSQF is a relatively newer program than others , but the main factor of Manhattan makes it attratctive. Though its not comparable to other NY universities, it would soon rise to fame when other universities will get saturated with talent. Location start to matter more to find jobs and internships and maybe it can overtake the ones on West coast.

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thanks for sharing!
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thx for sharing!
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