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[面试经验] UCLA Anderson+Kellogg MBA面经 (2019/11/10)

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1. Anderson
Skype interview,面试官是二年级在校生,前职PwC,post MBA CG是tech。以色列小哥。面试总长约35分钟。not pressure-testy

Question List:
1. Walk me through your resume
2. Why MBA? Your CGs? Why Anderson?
3. Things you want to do at Anderson
4. Your greatest strength
5. Your CG plan B
6. Questions for me

2. Kellogg
在星巴克Face-to-face interview, 面试官是Kellogg alumna,日本人,pre-MBA是就职于某著名日本商社,postMBA在点东京的tech start-up。非常friendly and responsive. 总长约1个小时15分钟,在聊天中穿插问题。

1. Walk me through your resume
2. Your role at your current company/ do you work on a team? Your teamwork experience (specific example needed)
3. How did you get the team member to listen to your advice? (A follow-up question to the team conflict story I shared)
4. Why MBA? Your CGs
5. Why Kellogg
6. Your contributions to Kellogg
7. Questions for me

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