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[信息分享] 「项目推荐」Emory University's Goizueta Business School OM PhD Program Openning

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大家好,Information Systems and Operations Management Department @ Emory Goizueta 正在招收OM Track的PhD,背景不限,不需要商科背景。欢迎大家踊跃报名,申请链接:

Goizueta ISOM PhD Program –Operations Management Track
Operations Management (OM) is a central business functionthat involves managing the processes that transform inputs (e.g., labor,capital, materials, information, etc.) into products and services for customers.Research in this area covers a wide array of topics and builds upon a varietyof disciplines, including Economics, Statistics, Psychology, and OperationsResearch. The OM track within the Information Systems & OperationsManagement (ISOM) doctoral program at Emory University’s Goizueta BusinessSchool (GBS) is designed to allow the student to work closely with faculty on arange of practice-driven research questions. Current OM faculty at GBS pursuedata-driven research in the areas of healthcare operations, supply chainmanagement, operations strategy, retail operations, revenue management, and newproduct development and innovation.

Goizueta Advantage
[size=14.6667px]The Goizueta Business School at Emory University is located in Atlanta, a global hub and home to numerous Fortune 500 companies. Emory University is a premier research university with a global profile and close ties to the Atlanta business community and government organizations (e.g., Centers for Disease Control and Preventions). ISOM faculty research focuses on important practical problems, identified through extensive industry collaborations. PhD students interact closely with faculty members and receive rigorous training in OM and data-driven research, with the goal of becoming high-quality academic scholars. Living in Atlanta has a number of advantages, including an airport that is a major hub for domestic and international travel, a family-friendly environment, and a multitude of arts and cultural events. The Goizueta PhD program offers full tuition, full medical insurance coverage, computing and travel support, and a generous stipend during the full program of study.
ISOM Faculty
[size=14.6667px]ISOM faculty members at GBS are leading researchers in their respective fields.  They publish in top-tier academic journals and play visible roles on the editorial boards of such journals. The ISOM faculty has close ties with organizations in Atlanta and beyond, collaborating on research, serving as consultants, and holding corporate board memberships. Brief profiles of ISOM faculty are provided below.

Panos Adamopoulos, PhD (NYU)
  • Research Interests: Information systems, Machine Learning, Data Science
  • Recent Publications:
  • “On Unexpectedness in Recommender Systems: Or How to Better Expect the Unexpected”, w/ A.Tuzhilin, ACM TIST
  • “Estimating the Impact of User Personality Traits on Word-of-Mouth: Text-mining Microblogging Platforms.”, w/ A.Ghose, and V.Todri, Information Systems Research
Anandhi Bharadwaj, PhD (Texas A&M)
  • Research Interests: Information systems, Organizational impacts of IT
  • Recent Publications:
  • “Empirical Analysis of IP Rights Sharing in Software Contracts”, w/ Y.Chen, K.Goh, MIS Quarterly
  • “Software Process Diversity: Conceptualization, Measurement, and Analysis of Impact on Project Performance”, w/ N.Ramasubbu, G.Tayi MIS Quarterly
Jesse Bockstedt, PhD (Univ. of Minnesota)
  • Research Interests: Information systems, Online consumer behavior
  • Recent Publications:
  • “Heterogeneous Submission Behavior and its implications in Innovation Contests with Public Submissions” w/ C. Druehl, A. Mishra, Production and Operations Management
  • “Bundling Effects on Variety Seeking for Digital Information Goods,” w/ G. Adomavicius, S. Curley. Journal of MIS
Tian Chan, PhD (INSEAD)
  • Research Interests: Operations management, New product development, Design management
  • Recent Publications:
  • “Styles in Product Design,” w/J. Mihm and M. Sosa, Management Science
  • “Sole Inventor vs. Team of Inventors: What’s Best?” w/J. Mihm and M. Sosa, M&SOM
Ruomeng Cui, PhD (Northwestern)
  • Research Interests: Operations strategy, Online marketplaces, Data-driven decision, Causal inference
  • Recent Publications:
  • “Value of High-Quality Logistics: Evidence from a Clash between SF Express and Alibaba,” w/M. Li and Q. Li, Management Science
  • “Oversight and Efficiency on Public Projects: A Regression Discontinuity Analysis,” w/E. Calvo and J. Serpa, Management Science
Ramnath Chellappa, PhD (UT Austin)
  • Research Interests: Information systems, Pricing in electronic markets
  • Recent Publications:
  • “Cost Drivers of Versioning: Pricing and Product Line Strategies for Information Goods”, w/ A.Mehra, Management Science
  • “Alliances, Rivalry and Firm Performance in Enterprise Systems Software Markets: A Social Network Approach”, w/ N.Saraf, Information Systems Research
George Easton, PhD (Princeton)
  • Research Interests: Operations management, Quality management, Data science
  • Recent Publications:
  • “Team Leader Experience in Improvement Teams: A Social Networks Perspective, ” w/E. Rosenzweig, Journal of Operations Management
  • “The Role of Experience in Six Sigma Project Success: An Empirical Analysis of Improvement Projects,” w/ E. Rosenzweig, Journal of Operations Management
Diwas KC, PhD (Wharton)
  • Research Interests: Operations management, Healthcare operations, Productivity and quality
  • Recent Publications:
  • “Maintaining Beliefs in the Face of Negative News: The Moderating Role of Experience,” w/F. Gino and B. Staats, Management Science
  • “Does Multi-Tasking Improve Performance? Evidence from the Emergency Department,” M&SOM
Benn Konsynski, PhD (Purdue)
  • Research Interests: Information systems, Digital commerce
  • Recent Publications:
  • “Complementarities between organizational IT architecture and governance structure.” w/ A.Tiwana, Information Systems Research
  • “Research commentary-Platform evolution: Coevolution of platform architecture, governance, and environmental dynamics.” w/ A.Tiwana and A.Bush, Information Systems Research
Donald Lee, PhD (Stanford)
  • Research Interests: Information systems, Digital commerce
  • Recent Publications:
  • “Super-resolution estimation of cyclic arrival rates”, w/ N.Chen, S.N. Negahban, Annals of Statistics
  • “Sharp bounds on the variance in randomized experiments”, w/ P. Aronow, D. Green, Annals of Statistics
Nikolay Osadchiy, PhD (NYU)
  • Research Interests: Operations management, Supply chain management, Revenue management
  • Recent Publications:
  • “Systematic Risk in Supply Chain Networks,” w/V. Gaur and S. Seshadri, Management Science
  • “Behavioral Anomalies in Consumer Wait-or-Buy Decisions and Their Implications for Mark-down Management,” w/M. Baucells and A. Ovchinnikov, Operations Research
Michael Prietula, PhD (Univ. of Minnesota)
  • Research Interests: Information systems, Individual and group decision-making
  • Recent Publications:
  • “Open Collaboration for Innovation: Principles and Performance,” w/ S. Levine, Organization Science
  • “How Knowledge Transfer Impacts Performance: A Multilevel Model of Benefits and Liabilities,” w/S. Levine, Organization Science
Eve Rosenzweig, PhD (UNC Chapel Hill)
  • Research Interests: Operations management, Operations strategy, Technology-enabled B2B operations
  • Recent Publications:
  • “Tradeoffs in Manufacturing? A Meta-Analysis and Critique of the Literature,” w/G. Easton, Production and Operations Management
  • “Through the Service Operations Looking Glass: Influence of Industrial Sector, Ownership, and Service Offerings on B2B e-Marketplace Failures,” w/T. Laseter and A. Roth, Journal of Operations Management
Vilma Todri, PhD (NYU)
  • Research Interests: Information systems, Digital advertising and consumer behavior
  • Recent Publications:
  • “Towards a Digital Attribution Model: Measuring Display Advertising Effects on Online Consumer Behavior”, w/ A. Ghose, MIS Quarterly
  • “Estimating the Impact of User Personality Traits on Word-of-Mouth: Textmining Microblogging Platforms”, A. Ghose and P. Adamopoulos, Information Systems Research

More information about Goizueta’s ISOM faculty is available at:
Current ISOM OM-track PhD Students
Deepak Agrawal
  • Devi Ahilya University, Indore, BS
  • Institute of Management Development and Research
  • Indian School of Business
  • Joined in 2019
Ragip Gurlek
  • Bogazici University, BA
  • Koc University
  • Joined in 2019
Hao Ding
  • University of Indiana, BBA.
  • Joined in 2018
Jiayi Liu
  • University of Science and Technology, Hefei, MBA
  • Hefei University of Technology, BS
  • Joined in 2017
Sokol Tushe
  • ESCP Europe, M.Sc.
  • Vienna University of Economics and Business, B.Sc.
  • Joined in 2017
Sample Curriculum
The ISOM PhD program is designed to be completed over the course of five years without interruption, including summers. The goal of the program is to produce high-quality academic researchers. Students are expected to take an active role in the life of the ISOM group. Students take classes in the first two years, followed by the comprehensive examination.  They work on summer research papers under the supervision of a faculty member during the first two summers. It is expected that the paper developed during the second summer will become a part of their dissertation. Following successful completion of the comprehensive examination, students continue the dissertation work.

Below is an example of class sequence in the program. The actual class sequence can be tailored to the student’s background and research interests.

Year 1/Fall
  • BUS 701 Survey of Business Research Methods
  • ECON 520 Probability & Statistics
  • ECON 526 Quantitative Methods
  • ECON 500 Microeconomic Theory I
Year 1/Spring
  • BUS 752 Foundations of Operations Management
  • ECON 501 Microeconomic Theory II (game theory)
  • ECON 521 Econometric Methods
  • BIOS 723 Stochastic Processes
Year 2/Fall
  • BUS 797 Directed Study (Linear and non-linear optimization)
  • BUS 750 Research Seminar in IS
  • MATH 512 Analysis II
  • ECON 705 Quantitative Methods II (dynamic programming)
Year 2/Spring
  • BUS 753 Advanced Topics in Operations Management
  • BUS 751 Research Seminar in IS II
  • ECON 721 Advanced Econometrics
  • ECON 502 Microeconomic Theory III (contract theory)
  • CS 534 Machine Learning
Additional courses include
  • TATTO 600 Laney Graduate School Teaching Course
  • TATTO 605 Teaching Assistantship
  • JPE 600 Jones Program in Ethics
  • JPE 610 Minimum of (4) workshops in Ethics by LGS
More information is available at:
The GBS PhD handbook:

Application deadline for September 2020 is December 15, 2019. The application process is handled by the Laney Graduate School. To apply click:
For additional questions, please contact: Diwas KC ( or Nikolay Osadchiy (

这里附上项目简介的pdf版本,方便大家查阅。Emory作为私立名校,位置优越,校园美丽,就生活而言个人觉得是读PhD十分理想的一个地方。从学术的角度来说,我真的很喜欢其中一些faculty做的research,所以真诚地推荐给各位想申请OM PhD的同学们,尤其是对empirical OM感兴趣的同学们,they are really doing something real and cool stuff!


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