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[就业出路] 【招聘】中欧国际工商学院 CEIBS 全职研究助理(市场营销)

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1.      对数据与营销结合与科学应用这一领域的研究感兴趣的博士在校生或硕士毕业生
2.      申请人需具备熟练的数据处理能力(具有编程能力和可以熟练使用SAS,SPSS,Stata者优先考虑)
3.      具备良好的中文、英文写作能力者优先
4.      优先考虑有浓厚的学术研究兴趣并计划攻读海外博士的研究生
5.      至少签订一年合同,希望2019年10月下旬开始工作

1.      研究助理工作(例如:资料查询整理,嘉宾采访,数据收集、处理)
2.      教授的助教工作(例如:资料查询整理,案例写作,PPT 制作)

Job Requirements:
1. MS or above in business/management (i.e.,management science, information management or quantitative marketing), or computer science, or statistics;
2. Strong interests in big data analytics and its applications in business, especially in marketing;
3. Robust analytics skills with large data sets, strong knowledge of using statistics tools such as SAS, SPSS and Stata;
4. Excellent programming skills (e.g., R and/or Python) are preferred;
5. Excellent writing skills in Chinese and English (e.g., excellent GMAT and TOEFL scores are preferred);
6. Special consideration will be given to applicants who are interested in doing research and planning to study for a doctoral degree overseas;
7. Able to commit for at least 1 year. The job begins on late Oct 2019.

Job Responsibilities:
1. Assisting professor in research (e.g.,literature review, guest interview, data collection and analysis, report writing)
2. Assisting professor in teaching (e.g., searching teaching materials, Preparing teaching cases, making PPTs)

Application materials:
1. Resume
2. Personal statement
3. Writing Sample

Interested applicants should email application materials to

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