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[选校] 2020fall lse和ic选项目

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目前初步想法是lse rf+mim IC fin想着最次应该能去个lse的mim叭
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同20fall 个人感觉lse fin可能难度略高…
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LSE不考慮af嗎? 比fin容易不少,也符合樓主背景
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金融獵犬 发表于 2019-9-1 10:00
LSE不考慮af嗎? 比fin容易不少,也符合樓主背景

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Hey there,
It’s all going to depend on your post-grad career goals since each of these programs will position you to do slightly different things. I’d spend some time researching each program & seeing what alumni tend to go on to do afterwards. Get clarity about what you want to do by researching job descriptions and seeing what the requirements are, and by doing informational interviews (hopefully with some alumni of these programs). Really study the course catalogs at each program too to see which one offers classes that you feel most excited about. These are all excellent programs but in order to make a strong argument for any of them in your application you’ll need to be prepared to articulate why THAT program is the very best fit for your goals. So, it ultimately all starts by articulating those goals.

Raj Patil
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IC的msf会卡toefl小分, 你可以看看小分够不够,不够可以申rmfe,虽然说是量化项目,但感觉对量化背景没有那么看重,ps里写明白就好了
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