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[信息分享] 墨尔本大学金融PHD 项目 10 月 30 日新加坡提前录取见面会会

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2019 Melbourne Finance Doctoral InformationDay in Singapore
Note the New Location - SINGAPORE
On the afternoon of 30th October, the Department ofFinance at the University of Melbourne will hold an information session in Singaporedescribing the Department’s doctoral program in Finance. Our world-classprogram begins with two years of advanced course work in finance, economics,econometrics, mathematics and statistics. Dissertation supervision is provided bythe Department’s faculty. The faculty regularly publish in the leading Financeand Economics journals. Generous scholarships, fee waivers, conferenceattendance reimbursement, and a research allowance are available throughout thedegree program.
The Departmentof Finance at the University of Melbourne wants to attract the very bestdoctoral candidates to study with us. The Department has an experienced groupof senior faculty (Professors Peter Bossaerts, Kevin Davis, John Handley, BruceGrundy, J. Spencer Martin, Carsten Murawski, Federico Nardari and Garry Twite) anda wonderful group of young graduates from Arizona State, Tel Aviv, Bocconi,Warwick, Georgia State, UC Santa Barbara, University of Texas at Austin,Kellogg, ESSEC, Cambridge Judge Business School, Tilburg, Columbia, Konstanz, Wharton,Zurich, University of Washington, University of Minnesota, Ohio State, Penn State,Tsukuba, NYU and Cornell.
The information session on theafternoon of 30th October will begin with a lunch for participants. Theinformation session will be presented by five faculty members of the Departmentof Finance and will describe
·      the structure of the FinancePhD program,
·      the research and publicationsof the Department’s 42 faculty members,
·      the Department’s weekly seminarseries and annual Finance Down Under Conference,
·      the Department’s large set ofdata bases,
·      the application procedure, and
·      the funding, support, andplacement of our doctoral students.
Up to 10 applicants from around the world will be selected to attendthe session. Successful applicants who are neither residing or studying in Singaporewill be provided with accommodation at the venue hotel on the evenings of October29th and 30th including internet access and breakfast onthe following mornings plus reimbursement (with receipts) of the cost of visasand direct return economy airfares to and from Singapore.
Those wishing to attend should sendan email to Suzie Collins Singapore Melbourne Finance Doctoral Day in the subject line. The brief applicationemail should have a pdf attachment that contains:
(1)     theapplicant’s CV which must include the applicant’s contact details,
(2)     amaximum one-page description of a research project undertaken by the applicantas part of their current or past studies or employment, and
(3)     a maximum one-page statement of interest in future doctoralstudies in Finance.
Closing date for applications: Friday September 20th, 2019.Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by Monday September23rd and must confirm their attendance by Monday September 30th.

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墨色缚影 发表于 2019-9-25 18:54
别等了,朋友发邮件问了,说申请量实在太大,还需要一点时间,后面出了再通知,没说具体时间。 ...

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Islane 发表于 2019-9-26 21:40
感谢楼主分享信息,刚刚收到邀请了。请问面试一般会问什么问题?应该怎么准备呢 ...

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Kittywang1314 发表于 2019-9-27 08:08
同学你好,恭喜你收到邀请。我没法得知确切的面试问题,但是基于面试的目的,老师们肯定想知道你想要来我 ...

谢谢指点哈。我现在研究生在读的是ml这个方向,我需要先熟悉一下计量以及asset pricing这边的东西吗?以前有接触过一些
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