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[学校信息] 北美+欧洲MBA申请求定位

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准备在明年申请MBA,最近经常在chase dream 刷帖,看到大家这么努力追求做更好的自己,感到自己也走在了正确的道路上,希望大家都能达成自己的心愿,这里发个帖子求坛子里大神指点一二,在此谢过;目标是申请北美M7+欧洲LBS/INSEAD, 背景:国内985本科金融,学校排名top20,GPA 3.5+硕士就读于香港top3大学经济系, GPA 3.4 +香港工作4年(2年宏观研究,2年对小型冲基金股票分析师),GMAT 730, 可再刷

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It’s a bit tough to say without knowing more about your accomplishments at work, but you’ve got a solid GPA & GMAT so you’ve checked the box there. Your GPA is a tiny bit on the low end but nothing to worry too much about. They care more about the specifics of your work experience. That said, it can be tough to show accomplishments in research & analyst roles just due to the nature of the job, so you’ll want do to everything you can to show that you’ve been the best of the best at work. Strong letters of recommendation will help as well. Your work accomplishments not only show them that you’re up for the rigors of b-school, they also are a way to show what you can uniquely contribute to the school & to class discussion.

You’ll also need strong, specific post-MBA goals. That’s not only a way to differentiate yourself, but they’re also the foundation for your why MBA/why our school argument. The adcom wants to know what you want to do in the ST & LT (target title & 2-3 target firms), the overall trends expected to impact your target industry in the next 10-12 years & what that translates to in terms of opportunities & challenges for your target firms, your unique vision for addressing those opportunities and challenges (what you plan to accomplish), and WHY this is your passion.

All of this is to say that based on your numbers you’ve got a shot at M7 but it’s definitely about more than just the numbers.

Raj Patil
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RajPatil_Brown 发表于 2019-9-2 11:57
It’s a bit tough to say without knowing more about your accomplishments at work, but you’ve got a  ...

Thank you soooo much!!
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