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[就业出路] 【兼职】中欧国际工商学院 CEIBS 兼职研究助理(Strategy)

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中欧国际工商学院 CEIBS 招聘兼职研究助理

CEIBS Part-time Job Opening

Position: Part-time RA (Strategy)
Department: Dean’s Office
Location: Shanghai

Job Responsibilities:
Part-timeResearch Assistant position in the department of Strategy and EntrepreneurshipDepartment at China Europe International Business School (CEIBS). The mainresponsibility is to work with Dr. Guo BAI of CEIBS on her research projects. Dr.Guo BAI is carrying out several research projects related to innovation anddigital technologies. Job tasks include data management (e.g., collecting andanalyzing), literature review, and coordination of research projects, etc. Theappointed RA is preferred to be located in Shanghai.

Job Requirements:
1. Recent Ph.D. or doctoral student with research experience in strategicmanagement, innovation and technology management, economics, finance, or bigdata analytics. Or master graduate planning to pursue a PhD in strategicmanagement or macro-economics.
2. Good at quantitative research methods, including data analysis such asstructural equation modeling, multiple regression analysis, and multilevelanalysis, and techniques in big data analysis, esp. text analysis. Withexperiences in using quantitative analysis software such as SPSS, STATA, SAS, and/orfamiliar with Python.
3. Excellent English and Chinese reading, speaking, and writing ability.
4. Able to commit for at least 1 year.

Application material:
Resume and a writing sample in English

Interested applicants should email required application materials to

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