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[就业出路] 【招聘】中欧国际工商学院 CEIBS 全职研究助理 (Mplus)

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Position: A Full-time Research Assistant
Department: Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management, China Europe International Business School

Job Description:
Assist faculty in doing research, including finding articles/books, editing references, making tables and figures,coding/analyzing data, coordination of research projects, and etc.

Job Requirements:
1.  Excellent command of English
2.  Good skills in Excel, Power Point, SPSS and other statistical skills such as testing multi-level analyses using M-Plus
3.  Good skills in library research and data analysis
4.  Master in Management or Psychology preferred
5.  Experiences in doing research project are plus
6.  Pursuing a Ph.D. in Organizational Behaviors or Human Resource Management preferred

Application materials:
1.  Resume
2.  Personal statement (e.g., introducing yourself and describing your career goals).

Applicants should email their resume and personal statement to Amy Zhou:

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