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[申请总结] 请问各位大佬,这样的背景进S16有一丝希望吗?

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ex-Mck表示,确实招过清华MIT的MBA,但其他MBA hire应该基本都是M7。。
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小夹子27号 发表于 2019-06-25 22:15:00
ex-Mck表示,确实招过清华MIT的MBA,但其他MBA hire应该基本都是M7。。

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Rappit 发表于 2019-6-28 12:59

可能有,但我认识的大多数本科也都是target school的。。一个practical的建议是申一下INSEAD,感觉INSEAD对本科要求应该不高;也是mck的target school
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j进了S16 都还是有机会的
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Hey there,
Your GPA is quite low, so a very high GMAT (740+) will be critical to compensate & give you a shot at S16 schools. It will also be important to be able to show quantifiable accomplishments at work, both to show that you have meaningful experience to contribute to class discussions & again to outweigh that GPA. If you want to get into the very top schools you also need to be able to show how you are unique. Why should they admit you vs. some other consultant who might have a stronger GPA & an equally competitive GMAT? What’s your unique value prop? That unique story is built on all sorts of factors: your accomplishments, the volunteer work/extracurriculars you’ve been involved in outside of work, anything unique in your personal story (e.g. facing hardships, etc), as well as the specifics of your post-MBA goals (not only what you plan to do but the specific impact you plan to have & why this is your passion). These applications are an art form after all. So I’d aim for a high GMAT, but as you can see there are a lot of other factors that will also determine how competitive you are for these top schools.

Raj Patil
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