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国内top2本硕,均为金融专业,希望未来有海外的背景,因此想读master或MBA,目前了解到的项目是各个msf(意义不大)、oxford law and finance (master)、oxford/cam/lbs等校的mba项目。个人觉得2年制的mba有些浪费时间。不知道各位前辈有什么建议,谢谢!

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insead mba一年
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MBA要工作经验 你工作几年了?
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Hey there,
Generally speaking an MBA sets you up for the broadest career prospects compared to a Masters in Finance. When you have an MBA, you can still get a finance job, but you can do lots of other things too, whereas when you have a masters in finance it’s going to be tough to get a job doing anything other than finance. All of that said, Ii you already have an existing masters in finance it’s going to be tough to get into another masters in finance program (even if it it has a law angle to it) – I wasn’t 100% sure if I was understanding you correctly there.

I wouldn’t necessarily describe a 2 year MBA as a waste of time, but there are definitely pros and cons to doing a 1 year vs. 2 year program. Some applicants prefer the shorter program option because they don't see the need for an internship (if they're not making a career change for example) & since it means less time away from the work world (and therefore one less year when you are forgoing a salary). A one year program can also be a good option for you if there's some kind of time pressure associated with your post-MBA goals. If you're returning to your current company or to a family business for example & want to be back in time to help lead a major project that's already slated, or if you're going into a field (like tech for example) where things are changing so quickly that you can make an argument for why one year is going to make a difference in your ability to achieve your goals & have the impact you want to have.

At the same time, many people value the two year option because it gives you the chance to do an internship (which can be especially helpful if you are making a career change or trying to break into a particular company). It also gives you more time to participate in clubs and conferences (which can give you good leadership experience & also help you build industry contacts) and because they just appreciate the slightly slower pace (not that b-school is a slow pace by any means) to make connections with classmates, take electives, etc.

Although most schools only offer the traditional two year MBA, a number of schools offer both the one year and two year options -- and if you do apply for a one year program you'll want to be ready to explain why you need that accelerated pace.

I’d use your GMAT score as a guide to help you determine where you are competitive. You want to hit & ideally exceed a school’s average score. The same is true for undergrad GPA. Finally, work experience is important, especially if you do go the MBA route. You can get into a masters in finance with a handful of internships but b-schools want to see applicants with 3-5 years of experience.

Jon Frank
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