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Application Checklist
Please read this checklist carefully before submitting an application. The Application Checklist explains which documents are necessary to complete an application as well as the Visa requirements for studying and living in the United States. Please follow the steps below to ensure that one’s application is complete. For questions, please don’t hesitate to contact
Application Form (2 options): There are two different ways to submit an application:
a.     Electronically: Use Miami Law’s Online Application system. This option allows you to work on your application and continue working on it at your convenience.
b.     Through the Law School Admission Council (LSAC). (Please be aware that original transcripts must be sent to your office directly in addition to the material submitted through LSAC.)
1. Application Fee

2. Statement of Purpose

3. Undergraduate and Law School Transcripts and Notarized Copy of Diplomas

4. LSDAS Report and LSAT Score

5. English Language Proficiency

6. Two Letters of Recommendation

7. Scholarship Request Form and Research Assistant Form

8. Statement of Financial Responsibility and Verification of Sponsorship

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