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题目问 热岛效应在什么时候会更强

In general, the larger the city, the greater its heat-island intensity. The actual level of intensity depends on such factors as the physical layout, population density, and productive activities of a metropolis.
这句提到了 城市大小 城市生产活跃度 城市布局 以及城市人口密度

城市人口密度 population density 对应A. the city went into an economic decline and lost population
从重工业转型 明显不能选B. the city’s economy shifted from heavy industry to health care and education
人口年龄和热岛效应也没啥关系C. there was an upward trend in the average age of the city’s residents

in winter, busy streets in cities can be 1.7℃ warmer than the side streets. Areas near traffic lights can be similarly warmer than the areas between them because of the effect of cars standing in traffic instead of moving.


所以选这个D. repair work on the streets slowed traffic throughout the city

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the larger the city, the greater its heat-island intensity
the + 比较级A ,the + 比较级B. 表示 越怎么样 就越怎么样

其实这是初中语法  :>
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