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[学校信息] 择校:USC的mfe和JHU的msf专业投票

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These are both great programs. Increasingly, many Chinese students are attending JHU, so the alumni network in China should be continuing to grow, which can benefit you in your career. The programs are equally prestigious so I’d recommend looking at employment stats for each school (the adcom can provide them) to see the extent to which your target companies are hiring graduates. You’ll also want to look at the course catalogue for each school to see if either one has electives that will uniquely help you achieve your career goals. Finally, the cultural fit you feel with the school is an important factor in your decision. So much of the value of a grad degree is the network you build & you’ll be best positioned to build a strong one if you feel a genuine cultural fit with the school and the other students. You can gauge that by talking to current students & alumni and by just seeing how the school positions itself through its materials & the values it says matter to the school.

Good luck,
Jon Frank
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