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来自ETS官网的消息,8月1号以后的成绩单,除了这一次考试的成绩,还会加上一个“MyBest score”——把最近2年里的最佳单项成绩合并在一起显示出来。
MyBest™ Scores

The TOEFL® program is pleased to announce the addition of MyBest™ scores to TOEFL iBT® score reports, beginning August 2019.
Created by the TOEFL program, MyBest scores allow you to see your applicants’ best test performance when evaluating their English proficiency, which will help you select the best international applicants for your program.
How Do They Work?
MyBest scores — sometimes generically called superscores — are the combination of an applicant’s best scores for each test section from all of their valid TOEFL scores in the last 2 years. All TOEFL iBT score reports sent after August 1, 2019, will include both the applicant’s MyBest scores and the scores from their selected test date, like in this example:
How Are They Helpful?
Here are some important things to know about MyBest scores:
  • MyBest scores are valid. Research from the testing experts at ETS shows that MyBest scores and single test date scores are both valid measures of English-language proficiency.
  • You can widen your pool of qualified applicants that meet your English-language requirements when you let students show their best performance with MyBest scores.
  • Using MyBest scores is easy. The TOEFL iBT score scale remains the same, and there is no need to change your score requirements.
It's your choice whether or not to accept MyBest scores, based on your institution's needs and goals. Either way, you will continue to get each applicant's TOEFL scores from a single test date, as you always have. You may also want to update your website, to make it clear that your institution accepts MyBest scores.
Explore the rationale behind MyBest scores (PDF).

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