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Michigan State University MIS 方向 Fall 2019 招生贴

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Dear Chinese IS Students and Scholars,

We (Department of Accounting and Information Systems at Michigan State University) are trying to hire around 2-3 PhD students in the area of Business Information Systems (MIS), starting from Fall 2019. We are mostly interested in applicants who want to do data-driven or data-intensive research, including econometrics, Bayesian modeling, data mining, social network analysis etc.  
Students who have experience in math/stats/CS are extremely welcome. If you have further questions, please leave messages below.
Here is the program descriptions:

Similar to other B-school phd programs, financial support is not a problem (we offer scholarship and RA/TA wage). East Lansing, Michigan is a nice place to do research and write academic papers. Our university has one of the biggest campus in US. Our b-school has a high USNEWS rank (around 35) among US public schools. Our research team focuses on/applies the cutting-edge research methods/topics in the area of information systems.

For further questions, please contact


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请问接受美本的托福waiver吗, 看到项目官网上并没有仔细说
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Jackw95 发表于 2018-11-23 02:35
请问接受美本的托福waiver吗, 看到项目官网上并没有仔细说

I think so.
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