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[申请总结] 申请总结,Accounting, 2018 Fall

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CD has been a so helpful with my PhD application, so I wrote this summary as a thank you note to previous contributors. And I wish future users could benefit from my experience. Some thoughts and suggestions are summarized below:

1.    Timeline
  • At the very least you should have recommendation letter writers (>=3), your school list and the almost final version of your Statement of Purpose ready before the beginning of Dec, because you need to communicate with your professors and letter writers and start the application online.
  • You still have chance to retake G/T test and wait for your fall term transcript to be updated before or even after the application deadline (although not recommended). But keep in mind that some schools do not allow any updates of any materials after the submission.
  • The best advice here is that be as much as prepared as early as you can, before December. Earliest deadlines are Dec 1st, most top programs end at/before Dec 15th, good programs around Jan 1st. Latest deadline I have is around Feb 1st.

2.    School list
  • Of course, you can put your BG here and ask for suggestions from forum users. I think the better ways are to talk to your LOR writers and find out where previous graduates ended up at. Applicants from same programs have similar trainings. Committees have opinions of people from different programs. Most of us are not outliers. And you will know it if you are an outlier, significantly better or worse.
  • There are no safe choices. The safest programs in my opinion gave me rejections directly, without interview. I have interviews from programs higher than I end up with. Based on my experience here, most people go to the matched programs. Maybe it is a better to choose more matched programs.

3.    Package
  • Recommendation letters are most important among all the factors. If you are currently at US schools, please take every chance you have to approach professors, attend seminars and ask for RA chance. You should be active in preparing your application and you cannot expect Professors come to you. If you could find letters from influential professors, please do so. If not, please have your letter from somebody knows you well and describe your potential honestly. How to define influential? 1) honored professors >professors > associate professors > assistant professors; 2) number of citation from google scholar; 3) active or not.
  • Different programs have different preferences on work experience. For Accounting applicant, if you want to make your work experience as a shining strength, please have CPA at least.  You can find out their tastes by viewing current students’ CV to see if they prefer CPA/master/Accounting degree/else.
  • Interviews seem to be a necessary part now. I am still confused how important it is. I feel that most programs have almost decided even before the interview. But I might be wrong here. By almost decided, I mean rank of the applicants. If this program aims to recruit 2, definitely they would interview more than this number, at least 4 - 10 usually. They will first extend offers to best candidates, if declined, then to candidates below. Anyway, you should be prepared as much as you can, and talk in American academic style. Be passionate about yourresearch and show you are easy to work with. Take the interview as a positive signal and a proof of your overall qualification.

4.    Decision
  • Please be patient. Most decision come out at March. Once you have offers, if there is one you certainly do not want, just let them know. There are others still waiting. And you can withdraw to help them.

5.    Others
  • PhD application is so different from Master application. You are applying for stipend instead of paying high tuition.
  • Rankings are all biased, you can also have a rank of all the programs on your own. You can start with UTD or BYU rank as a start, and you will gradually form a rank on your own, including personal reasons like location preference, overall ranking, professors of interests. Between, UTD and BYU, I personally prefer UTD.
  • Find some friends to fight together with you during the whole application.
  • Do you really know what PhD life is like? Do you really like research? Do you really know why you want to go PhD? Do you know why you apply for this major, e.g. Accounting? Do you know what makes you stand out among applicants? A lot of applicants seem to follow others in application. It is not wise to spend the most valuable 5 years in something you might struggle with.

Thanks for reading and GOOD LUCK! A lot of good summaries are available on the forum, do your research before asking questions. All these are from my personal experience and all errors remain my own. Different people may have different opinions on this and there is no absolute right and wrong. Friendly and helpful discussions are welcome.

[missing spaces after I paste from word document, tried to correct as much as I could]
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Agree with that "most programs have almost decided even before the interview. "
It feels to me the interview is just to get a sense of what kind of a person you are and if you are as what you've packaged yourself to be.
For international students, good communication skills are certainly valued.
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"most people go to the matched programs",感同身受。我发现我觉得保底的学校,绝大多数连面试都没有给我的。感觉很浪费。但问题是,有时候很难知道自己match的是哪个档次的。总之,所谓保底的学校,不要申请太多。


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well said
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