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MIT (Sloan) MBA 2018年入学 Deadline & Essay 及Essay解析 (麻省理工 斯隆 Massachusetts)

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Applications must be submitted by 3:00p.m. ESTThe Admissions Committee notifies applicants of their decision by:*Admitted applicants must reply to offer by:
MBA Round 1September 25, 2017December 19, 2017February 28, 2018
MBA Round 2January 17, 2018April 3, 2018May 1, 2018
MBA Round 3April 9, 2018May 14, 2018May 31, 2018

*Decisions will be released early for some candidates who will be denied admission without an interview.

Re-applicants may submit an application in any round.

LGO applicants must apply in the LGO Round.

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Cover Letter:

MIT Sloan seeks students whose personal characteristics demonstrate that they will make the most of the incredible opportunities at MIT, both academic and non-academic. We are on a quest to find those whose presence will enhance the experience of other students. We seek thoughtful leaders with exceptional intellectual abilities and the drive and determination to put their stamp on the world. We welcome people who are independent, authentic, and fearlessly creative — true doers. We want people who can redefine solutions to conventional problems, and strive to preempt unconventional dilemmas with cutting-edge ideas. We demand integrity and respect passion.

Taking the above into consideration, please submit a cover letter seeking a place in the MIT Sloan MBA Program. Your letter should conform to a standard business correspondence, include one or more examples that illustrate why you meet the desired criteria above, and be addressed to Mr. Rod Garcia, Senior Director of Admissions (300 words or fewer, excluding address and salutation).


Please submit a resume that includes your employment history and academic record in reverse chronological order. Other information appropriate to a business resume is welcomed and encouraged. (no more than 1 page in length)


Please introduce yourself to your future classmates via a brief video statement.
You will need to use an internet-connected computer, with a webcam and microphone.  As part of the application review, the Admission Committee will evaluate your response to see how you express yourself and to assess fit with the MIT Sloan culture. The simple, open-ended question is designed to help us get to know you better.


  • Please make sure you are using a working Internet connection not wireless or shared wireless connection. If your Internet is not a strong signal you will not be able to upload. Please also make sure you have the most up to date browser.  
  • You will need to use an internet-connected computer with a webcam and microphone.
  • We suggest using Google Chrome* or Firefox as your browser.
  • If using Google Chrome - please click the camera icon in your browser to allow the site to access your microphone. If you are having issues with your microphone please re-start your computer for Google Chrome to access your microphone.
  • Once the video statement question is viewed you will have 60 seconds to prepare, and then 60 seconds to record your answer.
  • You will only have one attempt to record your response.

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Karen’s Essay Analysis (个人观点,转载请注明出处)

去年Sloan把required essay改成这篇仅300字的Cover Letter之后,申请人数有了显著增长。今年它贴心地附上了前面一段文字解释自己在寻找什么样的申请人,可以说给出了很清晰的写作思路——因为cover letter的主旨就是证明自己和对方的fit。


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