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[选校] 金工与统计的爱恨情仇...Columbia Stat vs. NYU-Tandon MFE...补个背景防尘

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Leon199306 发表于 2016-4-1 19:25
Absolutely it is not a easy decision. The courses setting at columbia stat is not very good. But I ...

both are not quantitative enough.

It is a joke for a MFE to have accounting and corporate finance and such easy quantitative method for finance as core (NYU Tandon), which clearly shows that the mathematical ability of the class is not up the standard (i.e. course can't be up to standard since student can't follow well)
and it is a joke to spend 40% of a master in senior undergraduate course for those who plan to be a quant.

At the end, you have to make up the advanced stuffs yourself, by taking electives, and also self-studying later (since not enough electives).

In this aspect, I will vote for Columbia Statistics marginally.
but you have to bear in mind that, it is still far away from quantitative enough to be a quant.
the name will bring you into the door of interview, but there are lots of stuffs to make up yourself technically.

P.S. Normally it is quite difficult (if not impossible) for a 1 year MFE to cover enoough topic in both P & Q. This normally take 1.5 years (or even 2 when come with a thesis) .
Given you only have 0.6 year in the master, i.e. only cover 40% of the QF topic at master level.
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Leon199306 发表于 2016-4-11 23:32

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