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issue是Scientists and other researchers should focus their research on areas thatare likely to benefit the greatest number of people.
Argu是The following memorandum isfrom the business manager of Happy Pancake Houserestaurants.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                "Recently, butter has been replaced by margarine inHappy Pancake House restaurants throughout thesouthwestern United States. This change, however, hashad little impact on our customers. In fact, only about 2percent of customers have complained, indicating thatan average of 98 people out of 100 are happy with thechange. Furthermore, many servers have reported thata number of customers who ask for butter do notcomplain when they are given margarine instead.Clearly, either these customers do not distinguish butterfrom margarine or they use the term 'butter' to refer toeither butter or margarine."

数学最后一题记得是问一个长方形用三条直线来切割,最多可以分成多少个nonoverlapping 的部分, 选项有5,6,7,8,9
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你好,同学! 我是第一次考GRE,想像你咨询一下,我在北美考G,也可以用的上JJ么? 可以在哪里找到JJ啊,看什么时候的比较好呢?谢谢啦~
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