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[新手上路] TPO听力词汇(边学边整理)

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TPO 15 c2
track meet n.<美>田径运动会
pre-season 赛季前的
place a heavy demand on 对...有要求
getting my studying in
exemplary 模范的,
diagram 用图解方法表示
miss  questions 做错
blanked out 消失 模糊
keep it down  降低音量
off the hook   phone rings off the hook
six straight hours 连续
consecutive 连续的
is not equivalent to
track 径赛
squeeze in 人从空隙中挤进

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TPO 16 c1-1

choir 唱诗班
addition n. (建筑物等的)扩建部分,附属建筑物,附加房屋
let alone 更别提,更不用说
bulldozers 推土机
ensemble 合奏
cut short 中断,突然停止,打断
ran that by the group
be booked in 被预定在

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switch with=change with
acoustic= sound
book up=full
it can't hurt to 做...无妨
How flexible can you be 灵活,可协调
commitments 承诺 委托

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TPO 16 c2
drop by 顺便到访
I’ve been meaning to 我准备
nominated 被提名
medieval 中世纪
take a trip
be seeing 看...
be rooming with 与...作室友
is in the middle of 正在...
speculate about ...思考
updates 补充材料
work it into this trip 在旅行中完成
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TPO 17 c1
track down 追捕到,追查出;追寻;查获
production n.产品
landmark adj.        有重大意义或影响的
intepretation n 翻译;表演,演绎;理解
transcient 短暂的;转瞬即逝的;临时的

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TPO 17 c2
week nights
cutting up vegetables
greens 绿叶蔬菜
in a different light
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TPO 18 c1
administrator 行政官员
transfer 转学
fairly 一定的,相当的
host 款待
remaining adj.        剩余的,剩下的
run into that= be affected by ;get into;encounter遭遇到;陷入;经历
be better of doing 最好
Helpdesk 服务台
diplomat 善于交际的人
regular spot 常来的地方
on the bright side
picky adj.        吹毛求疵的,好挑剔的,过分讲究的
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TPO 18 c2
fed comment
in good enough shape
indicate on 说明
gift certificate礼券
the sound of that 听说
sell yourself short 别低估
put it on the air 播出
sign up 签约 登记
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TPO 18 c2 part2
time slot 空余时间
diner 路边小吃店
server 服务器 ;侍者
switch shifts with 与...换班
trainer 培训师
wouldn't hurt 不坏
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TPO 19 c1
use of ... 使用...
business 企业
bid 努力争取
assume 要求
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