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All GMAT CAT Practice Tests - links, prices, reviews (ZT from GMAT Club)

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1. GMAT Prep
CAT: Yes
Free Tests: Yes - 2 (can be taken multiple times)
Price: Free tests only
Bottom Line: Practice tests distributed by the GMAC, the administrator of the GMAT. GMAT Prep is the only test that contains real GMAT Questions and is undoubtedly the best predictor of the final GMAT Score, which makes this product extremely valuable at the end of preparation and many believe should not be "wasted" on pre-prep analysis.
GMAT Club Member Comments: "This is by far the most accurate and realistic."
Download Link:

2. GMAT Club's Tests
Free Tests: Yes - 2 to any gmat club member or all for any member with 200 posts (other options available)
Price: all tests are free for members with 200 posts; otherwise access to all tests is available for $79
Bottom Line: Our in-house tests developed to challenge anyone and bring out the best in the 700+ seekers. Hardest questions on the market.
GMAT Club Member Comments: “Excellent tool for improving your Quant to the top level. As the name implies these tests were designed to challenge you. With some effort from your side they help you learn how to solve tough Quant questions. The Challenges cover all necessary areas of Quant section such as Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, Probability, Combinations/Permutation etc."

2.1. GMAT Club Diagnostic GMAT Test
Free Tests: Yes - Completely Free Test
Bottom Line: Community project to create world's best GMAT diagnostic test relying on member feedback - download the test for free in PDF format!

3. Kaplan GMAT
CAT: Yes
Free Tests: Yes - 1 Free Kaplan Test
Price: $30 for 4 full-length practice tests on CD if you purchase Kaplan GMAT 2009 Premier Program book
Bottom Line: Good Value as Kaplan guides are solid. In addition, we recommend Kaplan Math Workbook and Kaplan Verbal Workbook for more in-depth review. Up to 9 tests are available with purchase of preparation packages.
GMAT Club Member Comments: "Good tricks and though questions in both Math and Verbal. Kaplan CATs will force you to think in the right direction. In general, results from Kaplan are lower then results from actual GMAT (due to marketing reasons, most likely) therefore do not be discouraged by low scores."

4. Knewton
CAT: Yes
Price: 1 free test
Bottom Line: Company was started by the GMAC and Kaplan employees and is very promising. A 7-day trial of the course included with the free test.
Forum users comments: "The questions did seem representative of the real exam, but I didn't receive enough difficult questions and I thought the scoring was awkward." To learn more about the company and what GMAT Club members had to say, visit Knewton course Review.

5. Manhattan GMAT Tests
CAT: Yes
Free Tests: Yes - 1 Free Test
Price: $39 if bought separately or Free if you purchase MGMAT Guides - each strategy guide comes with access to 6 tests - see full listing of MGMAT Guides
Bottom Line: Second to GMAT Prep only (and maybe our tests ) - fairly accurate scoring. Great value.
GMAT Club Member Comments: “In general, the results on real GMAT are in +/- 40 point range compared to MGMAT. Very good tool for personal evaluation, which helps to find week spots in your knowledge. Highly recommended if you want to check on your preparation progress."

6. Princeton Review
CAT: Yes
Free Tests: Yes - 1 Free Test
Price: Access to 4 online tests comes with Cracking the GMAT
2-5 tests, included in online courses, Price depends on a package $132+
Bottom Line: Overall is a good practice if starting from scratch and targeting 600 to 700 range.
GMAT Club Member Comments: “PR is very good as a refresher. The Princeton CATs are designed for those starting on basics concepts. As a result the Quant section seems to be primitive compared with Manhattan GMAT or Kaplan.”

7. Veritas
CAT: Yes
Free Tests:Yes - online free test
Price:Veritas Prep offers 15 practice tests: 5 GMAT Life exams, written and tested by Veritas Prep, 5 CATPrep tests, and five 800Score tests. Students also get access to GMAC's two GMAT Prep tests through the Veritas Prep student portal.
Bottom Line: In reality Veritas doesn't develop its own tests, what you get is a compilation of tests from different test providers mentioned above: 2 GMATprep, 3 tests from Petersons. 5 tests from 800score, 5 tests from CATprep.
Forum users comments:has-anyone-taken-the-veritas-prep-s-gmat-simulator-cat-exams-92320.html

Other GMAT Tests & Products

GMAT Focus
CAT: Yes
Free Tests: No
Price: 1 for $25; 3 for $65
Bottom Line: Definitely a good practice for Quant if you have some extra money to spend. Unfortunately some questions overlap with the OG 12. For more info go here
GMAT Club Member Comments: "GMAT Focus is expensive but worth every cent." "If you don't mind the price of them, I think the GMAT Focus tests are pretty good. The big advantage is that they probably have a more-updated scoring algorithm, so you get an idea of where you're actually scoring for Quant. And it seemed to me that the types of questions were more recent (harder than OG, if you're scoring at a high Quant level).But if I had only $80 to spend, I'd probably buy the GMAT Club tests - you'll get 25 very good tests (with ~37 questions each) instead of 3 tests (with 24 questions each)." (Source)

Free Tests: Yes
Price: Free tests only - Download
Bottom Line: Powerprep are practice tests distributed by the GMAC, before 2006, and were replaced by GMAT Prep.
GMAT Club Member Comments: "Its worth doing if you're looking for extra test simulations, however, don't be lulled into a false sense of security if you score high. There are many repeats from OG, you will score very high...". "owerprep wasn't truly adaptive, so it's not overly useful anymore. It won't mimic your real GMAT experience. "

CAT: Yes
Free Tests: Yes - 1 Downloadable Quant Test
Price: 5 downloadable tests for $24.95
Forum users comments: Quant section is challenging, while Verbal is of no challenge whatsoever. So don't get disappointed with low Quant score and do not rely on high results from Verbal as an indicator of mastering this section. Some more polishing still could be done since spelling errors and missing information happens in the test questions. Nevertheless can be a useful preparation tool in addition to other CATs.

CAT: Yes
Free Tests: Yes - 1 Downloadble Test
Price/Description: 5 downloadable tests for $19.95
Forum users comments: "This tests have nothing in common with Princeton Review book “Cracking the GMAT”. Even though Quant section can be of some use I find it reasonable to conclude that Crack-GMAT materials do not adequately reflect the standards of the GMAT questions. Most questions appeared to have been prepared for the Indian CAT exam. Please avoid working with Crack-GMAT materials." (Source)

CATprep (Upstart Raising)
CAT: Yes
Free Tests: Yes - Free Demonstration test
Price: 1 – 5 exams, $14.99 - $45
Forum users comments: “I don't know how accurate they are though. I took 2 exams from there and seems like they tend to score really harsh. For example, I have been scoring consistently about 48-50 Q on GMATprep and Manhattan CAT, but on the simulator, my quant score was only 43.” "Aside from the questionable calculations, I didn't think the test felt very adaptive."
“I have never heard of wouldn't go with unknown tests at all. There are plenty of reliable tests out there.”

CAT: Yes
Free Tests: No
Price: 3 for 19.95
Forum users comments: "My in-test experience with the Peterson CAT was pretty bad. The questions were often too obvious or downright difficult to figure out [...] the quality of the tests and the way Peterson calculates their scores is off.. " (Source)

CAT: Yes
Free Tests: Yes - 1 Free Test
Price/Description: 10 for $35
Forum users comments:Read here

CAT: Yes
Free Tests: Yes - 1 Free Test
Price/Description: 4 tests- $27.95
Forum users comments: N/A yet. If you have any feedback, please contribute.
Price: free/practice
Bottom Line: This is just a sample test. Not sure if it worth spending time on it unless you want to practice more questions. No sign-up needed.
Forum users comments: N/A yet. If you have any feedback, please contribute.

Platinum GMAT
Price: free - no sign up required
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