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谢谢分享。正在写leadership story。很受用。
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Inspirational Motivation: encouraging commitment to shared goals, creating a compelling vision of the future, making work meaningful, and displaying enthusiasm and optimism about employees’ potential

Intellectual stimulation: challenging employees to think differently and in more complex ways by questioning assumptions, encouraging creativity, framing mistakes as learning opportunities, and reframing problems

Individualized consideration: giving employees personalized attention and facilitating their growth and development

Idealized influence: acting with consistency, transparency, determination, and persistence to earn the respect, admiration and trust of employees
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Improve communication
o    Becoming more aware of your own thinking and reasoning (REFLECTION)
o    Making your thinking and reasoning more visible to others (ADVOCACY)
o    Inquiring into others’ thinking and reasoning (INQUIRY)
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1.    Integrate cooperation and competition
-    Cooperation is the foundation of teamwork, though internal competition can improve team performance
-    Internal competition creates energy and a drive to improve, and acknowledges that if internal competition is not brought out in the open, it will create problems when driven underground
-    Best forms of internal competition
o    When competition benefits the individual and the team
o    When competition is intense during practice, but minimal during games
o    When competition is for playing time, but not scoring opportunities

2.    Orchestrate Some Early Wins
-    Teams that start out with success, build confidence/cohesion and aspire for more success
o    Also affects environment: successful teams attract better resources, information, feedback and assignments
-    How to design early wins
o    Carve larger tasks into smaller tasks.
o    Choose early tasks that are easy
o    Choose early tasks where success is concrete and unambiguous
o    Manager should call attention to successes

3.    Break out of losing streaks
-    Losing streaks create downward cycles that are difficult to stop
-    How to break out of a losing streak
o    Define the cause of the losses as controllable (ie we can win) as opposed to uncontrollable (we are unable to change what is causing us to lose)
o    Focus the groups’ attention on items that they can control
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What Team Leaders Can Do to Prevent Self-Limiting Behaviors
注: Self-limiting指团队中有成员不太engage,因为比方说团队中有的人太强势,或他们不够自信,或者他们觉得自己meanless。

-    Before the meeting beings
o    Choosing the right mix of team members
?    Reduce importance of status (since low-status members defer to high-status)
?    Limit size of teams (large teams suffer from lack of accountability, reduce potential for meaningful contribution)
o    Framing the team task
?    eople are more engaged when they understand the importance of the decision
?    eople increase participation when competing responsibilities are deprioritized
?    articipation increases when goals are clear, consistent and specific

-    During the meeting
o    Setting the tone for the meeting
?    At first meeting, define process norms which will guide the team’s actions
?    Setting (ie business as usual v. retreat) affects tone
o    Monitoring the process
?    Team leader needs to balance role of leader and facilitator in order to encourage group effort
?    Discouraging pre-mature evaluation of ideas during brainstorming reduces self-limiting behaviors
?    If one idea or team member dominates the discussion, other members self-limit
?    Team leader needs to promote participation from everyone
?    Sometimes, teams benefit from “second chance” meetings to discuss ideas that occurred after the first meeting
o    Encouraging self-management by team members
?    Educate team members about effective team practice, especially when leader cannot be present

-    After the meeting
o    When team members do not see visible action from their recommendation, they are more likely to self-limit in the future
?    If the team’s decision was not accepted, the leader must provide rationale
o    Team leaders should provide individual feedback concerning behavior and contributions, and seek to discover the source of problems
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的确在写Essay 中会对思考自己走过的路和憧憬将要走的路,leadership也是对 生活的镜像
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