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[转帖]精选iBT热门阅读真经(零零壹):■ 亚历山大帝国覆灭后的发展:(05.12.17、06.05)

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[转帖]精选iBT热门阅读真经(零零壹):■ 亚历山大帝国覆灭后的发展:(05.12.17、06.05)

精选iBT热门阅读真经(零零壹):■ 亚历山大帝国覆灭后的发展:(05.12.17、06.05)






Alexander the Great’s empire

 (取自:字神帝国2007新橘宝书&新托福真经考前点题名师大讲堂讲义:以下机经皆同学们在网上分享,感谢这些好心的同学,编者只是将其整理,与大家分享,祝福大家有好成绩的哦 ^ ^。)

¨           In 338 B.C., Philip II of Macedonia conquered the Greek city-states. His son, Alexander the Great, succeeded him in 336 B.C.

¨           Until his death in 323 B.C., Alexander expanded his empire through conquests of much of the civilized world from Egypt to the Indus River . Alexander helped spread Greek ideas and the Greek way of life into all the lands he conquered.

¨           After Alexander died, his empire was divided among his generals. They continued to preserve Greek culture.

¨           No one succeeded Alexander the Great in the rule of his vast empire. His leading generals became governors of various areas and fought among themselves for control of the empire.

¨           By 300 B.C., Alexander's empire had split into a number of independent states. The three most powerful states were led by Alexander's generals Antigonus, Ptolemy托勒密, and Seleucus.

¨           Alexandria became Egypt 's capital, and its magnificent library and museum helped make the city one of the greatest cultural centers of ancient times.


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Judysu 发表于 2007-5-3 22:40
精选iBT热门阅读真经(零零壹):■ 亚历山大帝国覆灭后的发展:(05.12.17、06.05)   &nbsp ...

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Judysu 发表于 2007-5-3 22:40
精选iBT热门阅读真经(零零壹):■ 亚历山大帝国覆灭后的发展:(05.12.17、06.05)   &nbsp ...

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