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[校友答疑] 哥大统计Master还是NYU的MBA

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小弟去年12月份本科毕业,学的是数学(Mathematics)和精算(Actuarial Science)。现在还不清楚未来的职业目标,想学一些business analytics和data science,但还想加强network的机会。请问有什么好的建议?有一起学习申请的盆友们,也可以加我vx:nystudents_yzhou

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Hey there,
At this point you don’t actually have enough work experience to apply for an MBA. Most top schools want applicants with 3-5 years of experience upon matriculation. Columbia’s masters of statistics is an excellent program, and Columbia has a strong masters in data science as well as a masters in applied analytics program as well. NYU has a masters in analytics program as well. At this point though, your best first step is to do some more research so you can figure out your career goals. THEN you can determine which type of program will allow you to fill the skill gaps and build the network you need to achieve those goals. I’d do some informational interviews with people working in your target fields so you can understand what the job options are & what it takes to get there, and I’d also do some online research as well. You can learn a lot by reading job descriptions both in terms of what’s required to do those jobs as well as whether or not you’d enjoy the work. If you do decide to apply for an MBA down the road, you’ll want to do that once you have at least a few years of experience under your belt.

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我是哥大SPS ERM学姐,我们建了个20新生群
也有很多拿到offer/面试过的新生 可以互相分享下timeline
加我v x 【sue199496】,备注哥大SPS群
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