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[Essay] Yale SOM MBA 2024 年入学 申请Deadlin & Essay(耶鲁)

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Application Deadlines

Round 1Round 2Round 3
Application DeadlineSeptember 12, 2023January 4, 2024April 9, 2024
DecisionDecember 5, 2023March 26, 2024May 16, 2024

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We have one essay question: “Describe the biggest commitment you have ever made.” We developed this question in collaboration with Amy Wrzesniewski, a professor of organizational behavior at Yale SOM. Your time in business school, and the choices you make thereafter, represent significant commitments. In asking this question, the Admissions Committee is seeking to learn about how you have approached a commitment of importance in your life.
When it comes to choosing a topic, be genuine. We want to hear about something that is meaningful and distinctive to you in your own voice. Your commitment can be personal, specific or expansive. We receive outstanding, insightful essays covering a wide range of topics.
The content of your essay is every bit as important as the topic. Regardless of the commitment that you choose, the most effective essays do a great job of describing how you approached your commitment. Point to the specific actions that you have taken over time to bolster your commitment. This is especially important if you have chosen a broad topic, such as an ideal or a belief. Don’t just explain why a commitment is important to you; we want to understand how your behaviors have demonstrated and supported your commitment.

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