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Part I: Speaker
The Extra $600
Stacey Vanek Smith, July 2020
[Rephrase 1, 9:07]
Part II:Speed
Boost morale with a virtual event

[Time 2]
For many organisations, the initial shock of lockdown and the challenges of operating with staff working from home, facilitating online meetings and keeping everyone connected will now seem rather old hat. But even if things are running relatively smoothly, one thing that we all struggle with when working remotely is that sense of social connection and bonding that comes with being in the same physical location as other people. As the old proverb - and Jack Nicholson - remind us, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

Much as it would be great to lay on a summer party, away-day or team-building event, that isn’t likely to happen any time soon. With social distancing, people who are still self-isolating or cautious about going out too much, and parents who simply cannot ask someone else to have the children, in-person events aren’t really on the cards in the current circumstances.
But that doesn’t have to stop you giving your team an injection of fun. With a bit of imagination and ingenuity, it’s perfectly feasible to come up with virtual activities that can help boost wellbeing and morale. So to get you thinking, here are seven fun things you usually do in person that can also be done remotely.
Grown-up field trip
Most schools have a field trip in the summer, so why not your business? This relies on everyone using their phones, so make sure everyone has plenty of data and be prepared to pay for extra if necessary. Then set a date and time for the trip.
Your team can go to their local woods, nature trail, country park, river, park or beach. Keep everyone connected on their phones, coverage allowing, and they can go for a walk and share their experiences live. They can discuss and show what they see, the types of birds and plant life. They could even show a flower, shrub or tree to the team they haven’t seen before and see if anyone knows what it is.
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[Time 3]
As well as sharing how many fish have been caught by the anglers, the wildlife and the weather, they can talk about what the space means to them: did they grow up nearby, have a picnic with their other half when they were first dating, do they bring their kids or walk their dog here? A couple of hours where your team members can share their experiences can encourage better connections with nature - which is obviously beneficial for mental health - and work friends, but not talking about work.
Remote workouts
While some gyms have opened for outside classes and others are putting in measures to reopen safely, this is another activity team members can get together to do remotely. Perhaps you could find an activity you think most of the group will enjoy, such as yoga, body balance or a HiiT workout and hire an appropriate instructor to take the team from the basics and progress them on, perhaps weekly, until they can all see an improvement.
Alternatively, if you have fitness bunnies on your staff maybe they can share their expertise, perhaps taking it in turns to share their tips on stretches, sit-ups, planks and so on. If a plan can be designed for those looking for that extra push to do exercise, this will be much easier when collectively engaged.
Zoom arts
If a gym workshop doesn’t appeal, what about a team dance? Many celebrities have made dance classes available online over lockdown, so why not take advantage of this to learn a routine to do together when you are finally reunited. The exercise will boost endorphins and could cause lots of laughter. Perhaps it could start a new hobby for some people. If you’re stuck for dance teachers, get in touch, we have some great teachers available who can bring their own music, routines and fun!
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[Time 4]
Comedy could also be a great team activity. Perhaps you could all vote on a classic comedy sketch, a live stand up performance or an episode of a series. Share it with the group and watch together or separately and then chat online to discuss the best bits.
Music is also a great way to destress and connect with others. Perhaps start a remote choir where you can all sing the same song together. It doesn’t matter if you’re not the next Taylor Swift or Shawn Mendes, singing also makes you feel good and relieves stress. Perhaps there are a few musicians in your company? A Zoom session to show and share their talents with others is another great way to build connections and talk about something other than work. Or just get each team member to share their all-time favourite track or the one song that always cheers them up. Whatever you choose, music is powerful.
Remote wine tasting
If all that talk of activity is making you thirsty, why not try a remote wine tasting. Get the team to buy a bottle or two of the same wine and chat online about what they think of it. When that’s over, some small talk as you might have at an in-person event, is bound to lead to some giggles, especially if they “forget to spit the wine out”! And it means partners and housemates can also join in the fun.
We like this idea so much that Corporate Away Days has partnered with a well-established wine event organiser who can bring selections of wines to your door with optional extras like cheese to accompany. They even have a fun quiz to take part in alongside the tasting – and all of it can be done remotely with no need to get together in-person.
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[Time 5]
Zoom cooking
For those who are more into food than drink, online cooking can also be tremendous fun. Much like the dancing, there are plenty of celebrities offering excellent classes, information and recipes for you to try at home. Getting the team together on Zoom or Facetime to cook a chosen dish, bake a cake or create their own whilst judging the end result on presentation - knowing that they all taste delicious – creates a Master Chef show that has never been easier to win.
If you need some help or inspiration, we offer cooking classes with all the ingredients delivered to your door and a master cook from an award-winning cookery school taking you through each step on Zoom.
Gaming together
I’m sure a lot of parents will tell you that their tween- and teenagers have kept in touch playing games online. But gaming is not just for kids! In today’s world most homes will have a games console of some description, either in the back of a cupboard or in the loft, if not under the telly.
Whether it’s the latest XBOX, Playstation or even more interactive Nintendo Wii, now is the perfect time to dust off that console and select some games or sports to offer up some healthy competition within your team. The latest models allow people to play interactively with each other. Is it F1, Tennis, Football, Minecraft, Chess, Scrabble? The list goes on, and a league leader board can even be set up to motivate those joining in the fun.
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[Time 6]
Golf and cycling
Of course, not all activities have to be remote. As the lockdown restrictions continue to be eased, there are options for us to get together in twos and later in smaller groups. Now is a great time to build teams that logistically can meet with bikes or a set of clubs and enjoy timeless banter and exercise either on the golf course or checking out cycle routes close to homes. As long as social distancing is maintained, this is a great way to improve skills and fitness levels until bigger teams can enjoy an organised company away day.
Not all these options will be right for every team or every team member. If one of them isn’t sporty or doesn’t drink, for example, try encouraging them to join in a way that is comfortable for them. However, there is little point forcing them if they really don’t want to. Try to mix and match your activities and ask your team for their feedback.
Whatever activities you choose to undertake, I’m confident it can only be a good thing for you as individuals, a team and a business.
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Source: Management-Issues

Part III: Obstacle
How to Get More from Your Social Media Partner

[Paraphrase 7]
During the first two months of the Covid-19 pandemic, enterprise spending on social media increased 74%, from 13% of marketing budgets in February 2020 to 23% in May 2020. This spike, reported in a special Covid-19 edition of The CMO Survey, represents a historic high for social media spending since 2009, and marketers expect it to stay at this level for the next year.

Social media spending seems to be paying dividends right now. Companies reported a lift in social media’s contributions to company performance (rising from 3.4 to 4.2 on a 7-point scale, where 1 = Not at All and 7 = Very Highly). While this may seem small by some standards, it’s actually quite a big deal; it’s the first time we have seen an increase in social media’s contributions since we first asked the question in 2016. But during the pandemic social media has proven to be a powerful tool for marketers who have needed to quickly adapt and reach their quarantined customers.

So how can companies seize this moment to optimize their social media strategies and see a positive return on their investment?
One answer to this question focuses on how companies organize and manage their partnerships with social media agencies. More and more, companies are outsourcing their social media activities (since 2014 the percentage of social media activities performed by external agencies has climbed from 17% to 24% in 2020) and cutting in-house social media costs (since 2014, the number of social media staffers per company has dropped from 4.1 to 3.1 people). But despite this rise in outsourcing, marketers don’t give themselves high marks for managing these partnerships (they rate their own ability to “manage external digital marketing partners and agencies” just a 3.8 on a 7-point scale, where 1 = Poor and 7 = Excellent).

To optimize these partnerships, companies should take the following steps:
1. Put a premium on trust. 30 years of research tells us that trust is a critical quality of successful agency partnerships. Trust paves the way for effective decisions, calculated risks, and creative work. But building trust takes intention. Research confirms that characteristics such as integrity and confidentiality are as important as expertise. So companies should look for indicators of these characteristics in their partners — and social media agencies should think about how to signal these intangible qualities along with their technical competencies.

Trust is a two-way street. Agency partners that sense they are trusted bond more deeply with their clients, which creates improved communication, motivation, and collaboration, and a virtuous cycle that produces better marketing. As Aaron Lavin, Senior Manager at Deloitte Digital noted, “One true measure of having a trusted agency-client relationship is the level of strategic connection between the teams. When this is working, it’s like multiplying creative thinking on your most strategic marketing challenges. What client doesn’t want that?”

2. Establish clear and ongoing communication channels — and do it early. Without regular communication, trust can deteriorate rapidly. So decide what channels work best for your partnership (Slack, email, Zoom meetings, or conference calls, for example) and align how frequently you’ll be in contact. Setting these boundaries early will help ensure that you and your partner sustain a timely and consistent workflow. And don’t forget to create a process for extraordinary communications: How will you fast-track strategy modification, content development, and approvals to address an ever-changing market?

Good communication starts with good onboarding. So in addition to building a curriculum that educates your partner on your customers, brand, voice, offerings, and business model, use the onboarding process as an opportunity to establish the culture of your partnership. Strong partnerships are good social fits. Is your culture hierarchical or flat? Formal or informal? Being aligned on culture is key to maintaining a healthy line of communication through the life of your partnership.

3. Meld internal and external perspectives. You know the business; the agency knows its craft. Agencies also have a depth of experience across industries that can help you identify novel opportunities. The trick is to weave these internal and external perspectives. To that end, invite your agency account manager to sit in on relevant meetings where your company’s overall marketing and brand strategy is discussed.

How will you know when melding has worked? One indicator is the level of integration achieved between your marketing strategy and your social media activities. The August 2019 CMO Survey asked respondents to rate how effectively social media supported their firms’ overall marketing strategies. Marketing leaders reported an average score of 4.2 (on a 1-7 scale where 1 = Not At All Integrated and 7 = Very Integrated) — far too low to render an adequate return on their social media investment. We recommend evaluating this level of integration as a process metric for evaluating agencies.

Another metric is to ensure that customers cannot tell if you or your agency created the content; if your consumers judge and react to your brand differently depending on who developed the social media content, you probably have a problem.

4. Establish clear objectives and align on metrics. Many companies do not have clear objectives for their social media activities. This can make it difficult to judge the value of agency inputs. The most effective social media activities have clear objectives and measurable performance. Decide on these metrics with your agency partner before embarking on a social media initiative.

During the pandemic, for example, companies’ most common objectives have been “brand awareness and brand building” (84.2%), “retaining current customers” (54.3%), and “acquiring new customers” (51.1%). Each of these objectives requires distinctive, getable target metrics so that both parties know what a good performance looks like. It’s also important to periodically revisit progress on goals and decide on appropriate adjustments, so build this kind of evaluation into your communication strategy.

5. Keep one hand on the steering wheel. By handing over full responsibility for filtering feedback to the agency, many companies miss relevant customer input. Instead, establish a regular cadence to access customer sentiment and important summary information from the agency. Doing both is especially important in this period of unprecedented market disruption.

This also means that companies should not “set it and forget it” — that is, design and schedule social media posts, but fail to monitor them for relevance. The Covid-19 pandemic — and the events 2020 at large — have demanded fast action from marketers and their partners. Be engaged with current affairs and prepared to adapt to them. Partnerships that are willing to re-evaluate their social media strategy in light of the rapidly changing landscape will not only minimize risk but also maximize their opportunity to connect with consumers. (To that end, a recent Journal of Marketing article highlights how real-time shifts in social media activities generate more virality online.)

6. Seek partners that adapt in times of uncertainty.
Social media management is constantly being challenged by digital disruption. The pandemic has made this need even clearer as marketers report they improvised quite a bit during these past few months (5.6 on a 7-point scale, where 7 = A Great Deal). Companies need nimble partners that can quickly shift their resources and strategy as needed. In fact, when asked to rate the most important skills they would look for in hiring future marketers, the “ability to pivot as new priorities emerge” topped the list. This outlook is likely to apply to agencies as well; digital marketplaces are fraught with ambiguity that needs to be navigated. The ideal agency partner will have both the wisdom to navigate change and the courage to take calculated risks with your brand’s messaging (not to mention your company’s budget).
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[The Rest]
7. Stay attuned to social and political issues through your agency partner. Social media agencies are likely to be more deeply attuned to the political and cultural discourse than you are — that’s their business, after all. Listen and learn from them. What is the right way for your company to express its support for racial justice in the U.S.? What type of political voice is possible for your company in an election season? How should you weigh the risks associated with speaking up about social or political issues?

For marketing leaders, seeking this kind of input from agency partners is likely to be a little uncomfortable; marketing leaders generally don’t support getting involved in politically-charged issues (4 to 1 oppose). But it’s important that you trust your agency partner to guide you on when and how to effectively express your company’s voice.

8. Help the rest of your business learn from your social media agency partnership. Social media partnerships are just one of several collaborations your company will rely on. So as you work with your social media partner, think about what you are learning about managing a healthy partnership in general. What processes and structures work well? What doesn’t work well? Once you develop an analysis of your successful partnership, codify and share it within your company to accelerate the performance of other partnerships across the business.

Many enterprise leaders are flying blind in the current market environment. Social media agencies can offer substantial value in understanding the voice of the customer and communicating the company’s message to create value; don’t let that value go to waste.
[283 words]
Source: Harvard Business Review


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The passage suggests some ways for companies to boost staff's morale during the pandemic of Covid-19. As people are advised to keep social distance and some of them have been working at home for a few months, they can struggle with building social bonding with others. Therefore, some virtual activities are proposed for people to take part in. The activities include online cooking lessons, music sharing sessions, gaming, remote wine drinking and so on. Companies are reminded to choose the activities which employees feel comfortable with and ask for team members' feedback.
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The interviewer Kat was a stage manager working in a theater. Not only she is losing her work and he was not able to get any work for a long time.
The additional benefit of extra 600 per month saved her because her family counts on her income. But the now policy from the congress may cut the benefit or not renew them at all
Every one of every five people is on unemployment benefit right now. Most of them are set to see their unemployment benefit checks cut in half.
The 600-dollar money spent by the unemployment workers will support more than 5 million jobs. If you kill the $600 dollars, the jobs will be killed too.

Time2 [348 words] 2:20
Social distancing doesn’t have to stop you giving your team an injection of fun. 7 fun things can be done remotely.
1. grown up field trip.
The team member can take a trip nearby and use their phone to record data and pictures. Then they can do the internal sharing with each other.
Time3 [315 words] 1:46
The most important is to share experience with each other, which will also benefit the mental health for the team members.
2. group workout
Inspire each other to do the workout at home. The activities like yoga, hiit and plank will suitable to do it together. You will feel more engaged to be cheered up by the other people and be more persistent to those activities, which generate more endorphins.
3. zoom art.
Prepare a group dance and complete a routine which would be performed when the team finally reunited

Time4 [313 words] 1:33
Music and comedy are also good things to be shared through the zoom meeting. And also the choir is a good choice for people singing together. You can also pick some one to show his talent in front of the whole team
4. remote wine tasting
Order same wine and deliver to the team member . So everyone can taste the same wine and share their tasting experience also can ask the family member joining together.
Time5 [263 words] 1:45
5. zoom cooking.
Team member can prepare the same dish together and pick the winner chef at the end. Also find a good instructor to teacher everyone how to cook will bring lots of fun.
6. gaming together
Game is not only for kids. The adults could also play together. The latest models allow people to play interactively with each others.
Time6 [198 words] 1:02
7. golf and cycling
You can also pick some activities with small group to play together at the same time maintain the social distancing. Those activities includes golf and cycling.
Part III: Obstacle [1318 words] 7:57

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OB 10’03

The passage points out the importance for companies to cooperate effectively with their social media agencies to create effective connection with their customers during the pandemic of Covid-19. The passage first mentions the fact that there has been an increase of companies' spending on social media to reach their potential customers and retain old customers since the outbreak of Covid-19. Then the passage proposes several principals for companies to optimize their social media strategies. The strategies include building an effective channel of communication with their partners, seeking for partners who are able to adapt to new situations appropriately, closely monitoring the designed social media strategies and adjusting it in time to minimize the risks and also maximize the opportunities, inviting their partners to attend companies' meetings to help them understand the culture of the companies, setting clear objectives together and so on.
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Quoting the old proverb “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” to illustrate the importance of recovering work during virus epidemic, give our seven fun things we usually do in person that can also be done remotely.and give the first tips is that grown-up field trip.
T3:1'42'' Give the second and third  tips are remote workouts  and zoom arts.

T4:1'38'' The fourth tip is remote wine tasting

T5:1'21'' the fifth and sixth tips are gaming together and zoom cooking

T6:52'' The last tip is Golf and cycling
All of above tips give us more inspriation to connect relationship with remotely colleagues .
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