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[阅读小分队] 【Native Speaker每日训练计划】No.2771 文史哲

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T2 2:24
T3 4:06
T4 2:33
T5 3:30
T6 3:03
R7 15:57
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Time 2: 2’11
Time 3: 2’27
Time 4: 1’56
Time 5: 2’04
Time 6: 1’52
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T2: 2'04
T3: 1'40
T4: 2'34
T5: 52"
T6: 1'10
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T1 1'45''
T2 1'56''
T3 5'13''
T4 2'39''
T5 3'39''

Main topic: a woman who read a lot of books post the descriptions of male scents in romances on twitter.
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T2 1'32
T3 2'13
T4 2'08
T5 1’50
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T2: [244 words] 1’26’’
T3: [321 words] 2’06’’
T4: [409 words] 2’54’’
T5: [371 words] 1’52’’
T6: [465 words] 2’43’’
A Poland female reader shares the descriptions of scent she has read in romance novels on her Twitter account. In 2018, she read over 400 books because of a boring job and initially she tracks many tabs, such as author, book review, female scent and so on. But then she realized female smell boring with most of their scents fall into flowers or strawberries. On the other side, men would not like themselves to smell like something that lasts for a while only for pretty. Instead they want to smell with essence and masculinity, such as mint, pine and ocean.
Compared with what writes directly about the scent, she prefers that about the provoked feelings. For example, you smell like a forest that I want to run in with a silk white gown.
She started to add a tab called MSC, which stands for Male Scent Catalogue, in her reading note on the Kindle and track it whenever she finishes reading a novel. She also disserted the habit of tracking every description of scent, including those she disliked, and shared only her favorite one on Twitter.
The depictions of scent vary, even about the similar scent, and some can be very long.
Her husband finds it ridiculous and although he is curious about his smell, she never describes it to him.

Women just smell either like sweet-smelling flowers or strawberries or baked goods—something edible, something delectable, something decadent.
The pattern is always in three: head notes, heart notes and base notes.
Class and career also affect the way a person smells. Working class tends to be clean and soapy and crisp. Billionaires tend to smell like expensive things, like leather and whiskey or some name-brand cologne. 在描述感觉之前
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T2 2'50
T3 3'00
T4 4'20
T5 3'20
T6 4'10
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OB: 10’02’’ [1599 words]
A newly released movie through made by a daughter about her mother, a former Hollywood movie star. It pries into her mysterious death through interviews with family members, family photos and documents.
Her mother, Wood, used to struggle with domesticity and professional acting career and she had two marriages with the same person, Wagner, with another one with a director in between. One night shortly after she starring in a movie that marked she resumed her career after having children, she went on a yacht with the actor of the leading man and her husband. The next morning, people found her body floating in a mile away from the boat. Whether it is a suicide or a murder is not known.
The movie director asked her step-father to recall details of that night. They had wine and champagne and a little conflict when the actor said Wood was a great actress and should continuing making good pieces and Wagner told him to stay out of their lives. The director believed Wagner was innocent.
The director’s sister also wrote a biography, but since genetically, they do not share the same father, the director asserted what her sister said was far from truth.
Besides the truth about the death, the director aimed to let the audience know more about her mother’s life and works. She was good at performing breakdown and based her acting on Freud analysis rather than formal training. Her grandmother had mental illness, which her mother also struggled with, and believed her daughter’s fortune of dying in dark water.

Interviews with co-stars
Wood’s rebellion against the studio system
Wood’s death was clearly shattering for her young children, and decades of public sleuthing only compounded the tragedy.侦察
a superstitious and unstable mother
The documentary does give glimpses of Wood’s conflicted psyche.
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-listen: the doctors are fucked up by coronovirus and other human beings in 2020!
-T2-T6: this passage is quite interesting. it talks about some topic i never think of. the difference between women's scent and men's scent, and the meaning behind. the part of describing inspirations from novels are fascinating as well. the interviewee use 3 adjs each to describe her favoirite smell. besides, i learn a lot of new plants names in this passage.
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