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GMAC 将于 4 月中旬推出 GMAT 在线考试

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受新冠疫情影响,全球多个国家和地区都已经关闭 GMAT 考场。为了应对这一影响,GMAC 昨日在官网公布了新的解决方案。

GMAC 将于 4 月中旬推出 GMAT 在线考试(Interim GMAT Exam),中国大陆除外。GMAT 在线考试将取消 AWA 部分,考试价格也低于 GMAT 标准考试。

附上 GMAC 官方资讯说明内容。

Interim GMAT™ Exam - Available Online Mid-April

We all recognize this is a challenging time for testing with test center closures around the world. To help you, we are preparing an alternative GMAT™ exam available online.

This interim GMAT exam will provide a comparable structure, number of items, and scoring as delivered in test centers. The Quant, Verbal and IR sections (no AWA section) will have the same number of items and the same time for completion. This will allow us to maintain the same score scale for both the Section Scores and Total Score.  

The check-in and security protocols will be modified to accommodate online delivery and remote proctors will be used to manage test integrity.

The alternative test will be available in impacted markets, outside of mainland China. GMAC is continuing to work with the Chinese government authorities to present appropriate, alternative solutions for test takers in mainland China. 

In light of the current unprecedented situation, this interim solution will be offered at a lower price point than the standard GMAT exam to support our test takers and schools during this difficult time.  

Additional details coming soon. 



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其实 如果开着vpn考试呢?😯
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Aceeele 发表于 2020-3-25 16:05
其实 如果开着vpn考试呢?😯

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