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'Supersizing Urban America': How U.S. Policies Encouraged Fast Food To Spread
time2 3'53[343 words] -> 88wpm
While Mc' Donald failed to run in the up east side of Manhattan, it settled down in other places, because minority is easier to open. Fast-food prevail in America is a culture like SBA long program, for a large group of Africa-American is low-salary class.[最后一句理解错误,应该是美黑消费垃圾快餐的原因:没得选,贷款支持,需要生计]

time3 4'17[337 words] -> 79wpm
[Segregation of prosperity against African-American - i.e., high unemoployment, no loan for black entrepreneurs, results in riots] In order to mitigate race riot, government began pushing the SBA long program, stimulating more fast-food resturants. But white-ownered fast food resturants were unwelcome after riots. Fast-food operations recruited franchisees to grow profits also strengthen the prevalence.

time4 3'05[349 words] -> 113wpm
SBA biased to fast-food franchisees is not only because these operations is profitable, but because they achieved high profits in improvised small spaces. LA government is hard to replace fast-food resturants to grocery, because it's too little money to open grocery in densely populated area.

中心:快餐文化过去的发展历程 -> 壮大的原因 : 1.政策,2.特许经营-> 难以改变的现状
new words: tip off透露, have none of不接受, put in place落实;在实施, franchise, disburse, relentless, nary, unrest, interloper, franchisee, renewal
What history says about inequality and technology
time5 2'47[285 words] -> 102wpm
time6 3'05[292 words] ->  95wpm
结合wage premium的历史趋势解答(1降 和科技无关,black death -> decreased interest rate -> apprenticeship cost decline ->降。2降 industrial revolution, replaced by machines),并且premium大小也和测量方法有关。
结论:不会的, 最快速发展的职位需要skill without bechelor degrees
new words: doomsayer, strech, save for除了, coefficient, proxy
Four BRICs don’t quite make a wall
obstacle 15'11[1092 words] -> 72wpm
描述了金砖四国过去两年半的情况,中国和印度货币贬值,俄罗斯刚缓过来,Brazil陷入丑闻但经济还不错。并且南非的加入使得GDP不平衡现象加剧。总体来说只有中国一个完成了dreaming with BRICs(2011),总结,组织整体GDP正在回升,最大的障碍不是达不到GDP愿景,而是最强实力成员单飞。。。
new words: taper, botch, ramp up炒高, torment, tumble, impeach, impugn, loth, tame, befell, deflation, lest, prejection, summit, envisage, tribulate, destine

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哇 来你这里逛逛  Nicole 棒棒的!!加油!!  我想起阅读就不想看 觉得很想吐哈哈 但是一位NN JJ 说  吐还不够 要吐到习惯 把这句话送给你~~加油!!
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噜啦啦biu 发表于 2017-7-18 12:02
哇 来你这里逛逛  Nicole 棒棒的!!加油!!  我想起阅读就不想看 觉得很想吐哈哈 但是一位NN JJ 说  吐还 ...




我最近开始有点紧迫感了,再不快点要出不了成绩了!T T  所以一起加油呀
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Note: [89-17]之前读了(见7#),[89-18]做了第一篇文章(见5#),今天接着把剩余部分完成。
How This Founder Sticks to Her Principles and Stays Open Minded at the Same Time
time5 2'34[260 words] -> 101wpm
time6 4'04[434 words] -> 107wpm

main idea:
决定创EF公司的原因:不能照顾到特殊需求 -> 创EF需要员工的准备工作,主要说了hiring employees with specific traits -> 公司的三点核心价值: doing goods with profit, culture, for others

When Ilaina worked in clinic, she found that patients in infertility and egg-freezing have different needs, E decided to establish Extend Fertility, which the team solely focuses on fertility conservation and emphasizes hospitality.

Preparation for EF is not easy. [Based on EH course, the importance to yield a quality customer experience is fostering a positive environment for employees] Therefore, in order to find eligible staff, Hiring employees, for example, involves interviews, discussion of real-life situations and role playing for positions.

Ilaina regards company value as key to achieve her goal. In interview, she insisted that doing goods and growth and profits come togather, the same thing that she advises other businesses to do good. Incorperating doing good as a part to operate a company -i.e., never take doing good as transitory- should stay true to values. What's more, considering employees is what doing good presents in company culture.

new words: uphold, weary, flow from来自, resolve决心, guardrail
Leadership Takes Self-Control. Here's What We Know About It
obstacle 9'35[944 words] -> 98wpm

有自制力和没有自制力的人行为区别 -> [缺乏自制力原因:自制力是有限的但是1.很多事情都要求自制力 2.自制力使用太多会被透支] ->没有自制力产生的4点后果 (1. bad behavior; 2. reduced proscial behavior 3. reduced job performance 4. bad leadership style) -> 帮助提升自制力的三个因素 (1. rest well 2. reform from faking emotions to engaging perspective-taking 3. create positive environment)

new words: tap利用, deviant, prosocial忠实于既定社会道德准则的, charismatic, restorative, in the name of ... 以xx的名义, perspective taking换位思考, tempted
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NicholeNn 发表于 2017-7-18 18:16
哈哈我现在也是强迫自己看完的!而且最大的阅读问题就是如果当做是在测试的话一读快就会出现很多问题,然后 ...

好哒好哒~~!加油 ~~哈哈我先把链接存起来  。你放心 只要能坚持过来 一定可以出成绩的!!!
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Rachel-hua 发表于 2017-7-19 11:20

是呀 一战的时候  我阅读一篇没读  我紧张的瞎选啊 老看时间 觉得大部分时间都花在看点上了然后 紧张的一边想哭 一边瞎选
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Sunny days add thousands of dollars in daily tips for cab drivers
time2 2'10[195 words] -> 90wpm
According to invastigation, a switch from the dark to sunshine increases cab drivers' tips. Although it's not a big deal for one ride, the tips as a whole increase a lot in daily estimation. The researchers suggested that the rise was correlated to a good emotion because of sunshine.
new words: disposition, dip
Great paper? Swipe right on the new'Tinder for preprints'app
中心: Papr的由来 -> 功能了解(一主三副功能加一个防止) ->  Papr的用处

tme3  3'09[260 words] -> 82wpm
Inspired by Tinder, Papr is created. People could swipe abstracts left or right to show thier interest and review about papers before peer review.

time4 1'53[200 words] -> 106wpm
Creaters hide the author's name to prevent rivals or someone else from randomly giving bad rating.

Although not expeted to judge as do peer review, Papr does have some utility. It could help to decide which publisher should paper choose or link  paper to people's interest etc..
new words: swipe, preprint非正式预印本, peer review同业互查, retraction
Cooking can alter a food's vitamin C content
中心:scurvy的起源->得病原因,症状,时有发生 -> 萌发实验想法 -> 实验过程 -> 实验发现:维C和cooking的关系 -> 原理解释 -> 建议

time5 4'13[445 words] -> 105wpm
Survy prevailed in pirates stimulates interst of Amber. After knowing VC is abounded in raw vegetables and fruit, she decided to find out how cooking affect vc of pepper, because she can't stand raw pepper.

time6 2'44[384 words] -> 141wpm
Under experiment, she found that cooking may result in loss of vc, but long cooking could reconcentrate vc in peppers, because long-cooked pepper lose water and absorb vc back. VC is locked in cell wall of veggies and fruit, so blending or cooking peppers, like chewing in mouth, work by cracking and softening cell walls. [But it is hard to test what vc levels were used by body unless testing.]

new words: scurvy坏血病;无赖的, gum, famine, strainer,
How a flamingo balances on one leg
obstacle 7'20[768 words] -> 105wpm
prob.: why f stand by one leg? -> T & Y start to test and found out how: 1. balance is easier when awake[错,dozing] 2. bone contribute a lot to balance, so do ankle and gravity center [3. how they distribute weight in one-leg stance] -> but still don't know why: saving energies or sth related to keep warm

new words: bother doing做某事费劲, wobble, coax, tuck, specimen, floppy, preen

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噜啦啦biu 发表于 2017-7-19 15:55
是呀 一战的时候  我阅读一篇没读  我紧张的瞎选啊 老看时间 觉得大部分时间都花在看点上了然后 紧张的 ...

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Rachel-hua 发表于 2017-7-19 11:20

同意!形成一定的阅读习惯后,自己读一篇文章的timing是否符合pace 是会在心里形成一种感觉的,不会老是看时间结果最后被牵着走!
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