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For Many Teens, Summer Jobs May Be Thing Of The Past
time2 2'16[200 words] -> 88wpm
lingering effects of the Great recession and drop-off in teen summer hiring hit teenager hunting summer jobs hard, whose employment rate falls the downturn since War-Ⅱ.

time3 3'06[222 words] -> 71wpm
However, a employment firm expects worst situation will get better, for many of teenager have given up the hunt. Considering university graduats and unemployment adults, teenagers still face competing market even in low-wage industry.
new words: fall short of, grim, anemic, bergeon

time4 3'13[203 words] -> 63wpm
attitude to summer jobs of employment company have altered. It's no longer unusual for them to hire contract-based adults rather than summer job teens.
new words: predate, robust, upshot, nostalgic, lifeguarding, fondly
Working in High School Doesn't Pay Off the Way It Used To
time5 3'50[242 words] -> 63wpm
Accompanied with lower employment rate of school job, Benefits to school job have declined . While benefiting less than  before, people who did school job still earn more than those who did  not.
new words: ubiquitous, handwringing,

time6 5'22[263 words] -> 49wpm
Because culture shift biases to other things over high school work and teens are not as lack of money as were their former generation, teenagers are declined to do such jobs. In other word, teens are expected to have less soft skill and job experience, pushing premium of high school work to rise again.
new words: dwindle, off the hook, premium
Why Aren’t American Teenagers Working Anymore?
Obstacle 12'41[870 words] -> 68wpm

Recently, U.S unemployment rate is at the lowest rate in 16 years, meaning a relately less competive market for teens. However, teens feel that hunting a summer job are hardier than ever[thier elders do].

[The great recession caused teen labor to fell, which, accompanied with economic recovery, hasn't return back yet. There are several theory attempt to explain why aren't teens working:]

First, [except older American,] immigrats people could account for the reason, since a lot of uneducated immigrats compete for job and they impact native-born teens more than native-born elders.

Second, parent value extracurricular activies over summer job to capture attention of College Admission Council. At the same time, summer job earning now is lower than old time, far to compensate the college cost.

While some people said that later generations would be lazy, data show that teenagers don't do summer work because of study.  [Academic load has became heavier and taken up more time of students. Meanwhile, High school students tend to take more and tougher couses.]

Without summer job, however, single-minded studying will hurt teenagers. Summer job could offer experience beyond school and home. Also, it save lives from violent crime.
new words: rite, cranky
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How the Alt-Right Is Using Sex and Camp to Attract Gay Men to Fascism
time2 5'53[440 words] -> 75wpm
Two alt-right men held forth white-supremaciest nationism. As western culture shifts toward to gay white men, D & J represent the white nationalist movement's queer stars, influencing many people.
new words: exhort, occidental, holocaust, incarnation

time3 5'41[441 words] -> 77wpm
D has a sexy muscular body that attracts many gay men. However, he try to sugarcoat his racist beliefs--violence is an element to order the world and whites is the......[and violence could help to decentralized country by race.]
new words: parlay, exude, perpetuate

time4 7'10[445 words] -> 62wpm
D has tried to recovered his white nationalism because of his brand, but his website could show evidence of what he really think in mind. And queer tropes are easier to turn to fascism.
new words: masculinity, machismo, rambling, oath, decry, entrenched, identitarian, caricature, personification embodiment, subversive, deploy

其实文章读到这里, 我并没有太理解fascism和queer之间到底有什么关系。感觉就像是有两个人他们正好是white nationalists,但由于他们是Gay所以更容易对counterparts产生影响——agitate fascism in their fan base. GO ON.

time5 7'05[500 words] -> 70wpm
D and O are indeed support gay right, because they think that straight people is superier to queer to have a reporoductive sexuality. While  discouraging LGBTQ right, white nationalist organization allow cis gay men to join them. Why white nationalist smile in them? Thier ultimate goal is to develop hatred of immigrats.
new words: femme, plight, detest,

开始有点明白了,呼应time2的转变,根本原因不是支持gay right,而是要发展难民仇恨从而助长法西斯种族主义。

time6 5'50[401 words] -> 69wpm
There are two reasons to smile in queer: first, bringing queer people in could let millennials accepting gay right to support white nationalist. Second, equating Muslin to against LGBTQ will encourage liberals and moderates into anti-immigrants tent. 然后举了个反穆斯林和LGBT的例子。没搞懂和上两句的关系。
new words: wedge, hammer, smash

中心:极端右翼分子突然对cisgender gay men的态度转变,是因为他们想借此宣扬反移民政策,以及获得更多中立分子及同性恋支持者的阵营加入。而D,O这两个white nationalisit恰好也是种族主义者,虽然是gay,但他们并不支持同性恋群体(LBTQ)的权利(因此不是左翼分子)。而有学者认为,很多white gay men之所以支持种族主义,因为他们也是受歧视群体,真正改变他们靠拢极端右翼的办法,是要积极寻求对话。
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看了一篇经济学人教阅读的笔记。感觉在主旨题方面的收获很大,原来initial reading这种东西要二次吸收才算真正内化了。但是inference的正确率依然“喜人”,目前也是没有一点办法了。看来方法也不能完全照搬,靠initial reading后定位的方法也不是全适合自己,还是要轻重的全篇读完才行。

CR 明天开始刷prep08 SC就是靠08才找到感觉的,很多人的刷N遍OG对我来说好像并不适用。要不要看RON的笔记啊。感觉现在是逻辑分析很慢,比弄懂意思更慢那种。
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6 Life Hacks Learned in Prison That Will Maximize Your Productivity
time2 4'33[400 words] -> 88wpm
When author spent years in prision, he decided to parplay limited resources to maxium productivity and the first thing is getting up early.
new words: proactively, have parallel to, inmate, commisary, regimen

time3 3'58[381 words] -> 96wpm
The author clarify what he did in writing, reading and how he use write to commute.
new words: coveted, come in handy, diligently, running log

time4 4'50[427 words] -> 88wpm
What the author also learned from prison were scrutinizing every dollar to trade resources and bending the rule-- i.e. get rid of normal sense from others and learn from people who have the success you envision.
new words: ration, bootstrape, leverage, scrappy, hyper, riot
Make Someone Else's Day, and 3 Other Ways to De-Stress
time5,6 10'29[470+451] ->88wpm

Today most of people feel negative of job from stress and bad habitats. Instead of reaching expection, most of them struggle for survival.

However, working hard therefore living up to potential don't mean neglecting mental and physical health. Here are 4 tips that help to turn stress over.

First, don't focus too much to yourself. People aim too high to achive their goals, which make them stress out. However, serve other people and make somebody else's day are ways to feel fullfillment.

Second, get a technology detox. Life is driven by technology, and people like to compare sucess with other's achivement. Go on a digital detox and don't let technology run your life is important to go back on track even stronger.

Third, keep life with gratitude. Gratitude will lead people to set stresses, fears and worries aside from brain. Being gratuful to life could be learned through two ways: Record gratitude jornal. Every morning the author write down three things that she want to appreciate in life. Do a grateful talk. Before the author listen to the podcast, she yells out for what she is grateful.

Finally, get lost in reading. Books show other lights in life that people with stress are easy to neglect.

Try suggestions to reclaim smiles. Don't let stress get the best ofyou and steal your happiness.

new words: detox, stay off, soletude, verge, scenic, hustle, bustle
Are the Super-Rich Really Ruining the World’s Great Cities?
obstacle 20'03[1612 words] -> 80wpm
1.虽然城市在被财富占领,但是艺术是可以flow from neighborhood to neighborhod的,不至于deaden。

new words: gentrification, plutocracy, influx, palpable, spectable, pining, emphathize(emphasize), precarious, ferment, sterile, toehold, diminution, impetus, snap up, mundane, top the list, trophy, flock, reconfigurable, gentrify, clear-cut, mitigate, spring from, shunt, spigot,
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尤其是里面推荐的第二个链接:经济学人GMAT培训全新完整资料。读完以后有一种“这个是一直想弄明白的东西” 对我的主旨题很好用


再有今天看了杨鹏的长难句,弄懂了一直没明白的倒装。特别是这个月考完以后有一种很明显的意识 烤鸡是不能期待自己的弱点是可以侥幸躲过的。决定从今天开始每天抽时间看5句

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【89-12】科技 [url][/url]
How to tell whether that whiskey is fake
time2 2'39[209 words] -> 79wpm
new words: con artists, sham, masquerade, malt, barfly, fluorescent, weed out
Are you lying about your identity? Artificial intelligence can tell by how you use your mouse
time3 3'54[343 words] -> 88wpm
time4 4'49[352 words] -> 74wpm
Except traditional metods of face-to-face interviews and polygraphs, scientists have invised a method to verify people's ID [online]. This new method get rid of obstacle in which scientists should know truth in advanced.

Scientists asked 20 volunteers to remember fake identity informentions like their own. In the process, tester should answer a set of unexpected questiones in addtition to already known questiones. By choosing yes or no separately on the top left or top right from the bottom middle of screen, scientist would know wether they were lying. Obviously, reflections of volunteers between those two parts of questions were different, because they didn't know information beyond what they told. In contrast, liers did smoothly in the whole process, because they are accustomed to lying.[这段记忆自动脑补了。。应该是 liars did not choose right answer quickly enough, because they didn't know informations beyond what they were told.]

The machines would improve accuracy in two ways. First, [Based on algoritms of]In incorrect answers, scientists add mouse movement to analyze. Second, scientists set expected questiones and surprising questiones alternately to observe testers' reflections.

However, psychologists GS and GG say that this technique will not be enough to apply in practice, for the accuracy in reality will not as high as in the lab does. Crimes always prepare backstories deeply so as hard to be tested out in the system. But surprising questiones could be unlimited that means crimes are likely to show their tails in the end.

总结:algorithms我没提到,不懂单词所以这块直接就在记忆中跳过了;还有这个实验是否解决了要知道truth beforehand的问题,要再看看(果然最开始是要提前知道的,但Italian team提出时已经克服这个障碍,目的就是finding truth);纠正liar的拼法。
new words: foolproof, get around of, cursor, threw a wrench, zodiac sign, rehearse, algorithms, deviation, forensic, alibis, cull, imposter, purported, layout,
New football helmets could limit brain injuries
obstacle 12'03[997 words] -> 83wpm
The Ann Arbor team competes to design a helmet that is advanced in having three layers to mitigate forces outsides and kinetic energy. The team set off from using specific materials that could recover after deform, leaving only 1/5 energy through head. Moreover, they try to conform a group of frequencies into one frequency that the innermost layer could shed most effectively. Now they are one of fifth finalists in the competition. They will continue to improve their design. The better news is that the helmet cost the same as do other helmets and the technique can be employed in other applications.
new words: impulse, cushion, polymer, concussion,
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剩下的就是timing, comprehension
一出现长难句大脑就当机需要回读,所以怎么绕都绕不过的non-gmat sources reading。


1. 针对RC的test taking skills  (比如你得熟悉GMAT文章结构、各种题型的要点及常见陷阱)
2. 阅读能力
你已经做了那么多的OG和GWD的阅读题,那么从economics角度讲,"the rule of diminishing returns",你在1这方面提高空间已经不大了,现在真正制约你的,是2.

我还想说,阅读能力的实质性提高,必须通过outside reading,而不是做题。

因为,当你读新闻的时候,你关注的新闻;当你读英文econ教材的时候,你学习的是econ....但是,当你做阅读题的时候,你心里想的是“我这是在做英语阅读题”。这两者有天壤之别!前者,你把英文仅仅当作media;后者,你把英文当作subject. 为什么很多中国考生觉得“用句意解题”很难?就是因为他们看英文的时候往往都是在做考试题,都是把英文当作subject。而如果你常年累月用英文来学习别的东西,看新闻、读教材、读paper etc.,那么你习惯关注的,不是语言本身,而是这背后的信息量和逻辑!这样,“用句意解题”就是你的本能。


然后sc, cr, rc要保持一定题量,熟悉感觉。什么时候question per minute达到标准了再考虑模考吧。

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【89-13】经管 time2 3'29[330 words] -> 95wpm
Author attended a MBIT course that is popularly employed in business area [and found out he is a boderline extrovert]. According personality, instructor devided people into 'extrovent' group and 'introvent' group. Two groups presented different problem resolving ways. If organizations want to achieve high effective work culture, they should learn how to balace these two groups of people.

time3 4'33[515 words] -> 113wpm

time4 3'01[296 words] -> 98wpm
Author have a chance to know how H impact Z company in a session. Because H value rationality and order, it makes extrovert frustrated in a lifeless interaction.

time5 1'49[179 words] -> 98wpm
Author faced a similar problem so that he could totally understand H. When he was an excutive of a xx company, development of company stuck in debate. He used what he learned in MBIT to designate work to each person and learned how to balaced different people.

time6 1'56[231 words] -> 120wpm
Author and his company perfectly tackle the messiness. He left time for introvert people to express alternately, whereas he led extrovert people to discuss a focused problem. Finally he organize a more big group to build on ideas of each side. If Z want to go back Fortune list, they should find out ways to let creativity thrive from messiness.

7'30[576 words] -> 77wpm
Uber is being stucked by its work cutere. Allegation from SF offer 47 recommendations to revamp its policies. Following are some glaring ones:
1. drop poor behavior such as toe-stepping
2. make sure HR department run properly
3. switch dinner-offering time to earlier
4. restrict reimbersement of alcohol-related outing
5. prohibit hookup officially
6. add an chairperson to oversight execs
7. treat employees equally

生词: handful, luster, debut, throng, holacracy, distress, reinvent, rigidity, iteration, ostensible, revamp, reimbusement, embattled

 楼主| 发表于 2017-7-16 21:50:20 | 显示全部楼层

All the HR Suggestions in the World Can’t Change the Soul of Uber
time2 3'52[318 words] -> 82wpm
EH published a recommendation to suggest Uber transforming its work culture. But this report doesn't  include any criticism or confession of faults from Uber itself.

time3 5'14[419 words] -> 80wpm
However, making recommendation happen in reality is not easy. Sexism is a core component of Uber's culture. It is unlikely that employees will keep working more hours without sexism attraction.

new words: nightmarish, retaliation, unanimously, salacious, detractor, precipitate促使, ditch, preformance review业绩评估, accountable有责任的, panel, no-brainers不需动脑的, ploy, manipulative, brag, celibate, sexist
Are Paris-Style Attacks the Future of Terrorism?
time4 4'20[339 words] -> 78wpm
Terrorists change their attack from bombing to gun attack in heavy-populated area, which terrorist fled the scene and enlongate the terror feeling. However, Paris attack wasn't the first assault of urban warfare model of attacks.

time5 4'18[355 words] -> 82wpm
T change traditional way to implement attack. Terrorists in Paris attack, present a flexible tactic acumen, rather than commando style,  aimed to make a huge impact. But it's hard to recognize whether attackers in Paris attack is professionally trained because they made some obvious tactic mistakes.

time6 1'01[102 words] -> 100wpm
The good news is that urban-warfare attack is easier to detect beforehand than lone wolf because this kind of attack need coodination to cause a frightening damage.

巴黎的恐怖袭击升级了,不再是炸弹,而是枪战,俗称urban warfare 为什么要这样呢?因为这种模式持续时间长,影响力更大。
举了几个曾经的例子,以证明这种模式的袭击会越来越多 英国和美国需要小心了(这部分真的没看懂。。。)  
new words: commando, raid, improvised, warfare, skittish, hostage, intelligence service, affliate, maraud, hype, garner
The Thrilling Tale of How Robert Smalls Seized a Confederate Ship and Sailed it to Freedom
Obstacle 20'22[1567 words] -> 77wpm
一篇挺有意思的小说节选?讲了Smalls将联合船员夺取船只并且获得The Union的庇护,最终脱离奴隶身份的计划。

new words: wharf,moor, patrol, sentry, inpersonate, astounding, dock, blockade
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Fight the silencing of gun research
time2 5'49[432 words] -> 74wpm
Gun suicide and murder have contributed death more than warfare for American sodiers since 1776. However, presidents[the US goverment] do not realized the threat to lives. Not only did Obama supress scientists' gun research and restrict fund[actually, he did sth to prevent, but impact is minor], but also Trump claim elimination of gun-free zone like schools and permits of concealed weapon, stimulating protest from many people.

time3 3'58[357 words] -> 90wpm
The author published a book concluding that research is help to prevent fatality. The author cited under 16-year-old teens driving and other research cases to justify that evidence-based policy is key to reduce deaths. Obviously, gun research suppresion is on the opposited way.

time4 5'01[405 words] -> 81wpm
Compared to older age groups, recent 5- to 14-year-olds have low rates of firearm mortality, while what facilitates gun research has not been established because of funds. Moreover, the government cut the way where research obtain data about gun fatality.

time5 3'28[458 words] -> 132wpm
CBD and many organizations avoid to mention 'gun' words because doing so they will face punishments from government, not to speak of fundations. despite prohibition of funding, writing article to effect law force is another way to set off.

time6 4'28[453 words] -> 101wpm
Changing the thinking which people take their own lives could have a huge impact on suicide rate. Meanwhile strengthening law achive a lot to protect lives. Califonia has head off to enforce restriction, including background checks and granting agencies play an important role to impulse legal changes. What they did supports counterparts to emlate.

the rest 2'26[230 words] -> 95wpm
However, laws in advocate states still could make people losss their job, if they talk about gun in public health. Gun is hard. Science for politics is a tool to promote politic agenda, preventing scientists to research truth.

new words: behest, roll back击退, tweak, mentra, surveillance, overwhelming, dole out发放


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