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#Day 43#   89-11   June 24
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In the beginning of the article, the author points out that the surburbs in the urban cities are invested by super-rich people, while artists and musicians could not afford the high expenditure in the urban cities and have to escape from these cities.
Then, the writer presents two topics.
creativity vs super-rich
creativity vs techies
Then, it goes to the discussion on whether these cities are becoming less creative. The answer is no. These cities are becoming more creative, even musicians and artists are getting more opportunities.
The core conflict is people who are poor and below the average living standard cannot share the accomplishment the cities have achieved. Therefore, the imperative problem is to make the flourishing economies shared with them.
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2017 June 25
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plutocratization 富豪的;
palpable 明显的;
spectacle 场景,景象;
pine v.渴望,痛苦,憔悴;
precarious  危险的,不确定的;
sterile 贫瘠的,不育的;
diminution 减少;
impetus 动力
snap up 抢购,匆匆弄到手;
conspicuous 显著的;
trophy 奖品;
gentrifying 使优化;
blunt 钝的
metro 都市
shunt aside 转轨

中文框架: 先提出现象:大都市被富人过度投资导致城市没有生机,增加了创作的成本和困难。


the author noticed a phenomenon that along with the super-rich,the metro space for creative
people, such as musican, artist,is limited gradually.The creative activities seems diminishing
because the super-rich is prosperous.So is the super-rich threaten the inovations?
the super-rich does not impact the creativity directly due to much less number of super billionaires.
it follows with a large number of rich people with their investiment in the super cities.
The city and tech are highly interdependent.high-tech brings many startup tech company to cities.
The city could provide the talent to high-tech company requirement. however, there is still some issues
that come along with the city's development.
In summary, the wealth brings more creativities to the cities, and also causes some society issue between
the poor and the wealthy class.
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the biggest problem about this epidemic is not the actual stress in itself, but our inability to do anything about it.
Here are four things that will help you eliminate stress and reclaim your happiness.
1.Make someone else's day.
when we make it a priority to be of service to someone and "make someone else's day," we just might learn one of the most fulfilling ways for minimizing stress and reclaiming our happiness.
2.Go on a digital detox.
This was a very powerful action that provided me with just the right amount of solitude and soul searching required to get back on track and come back even stronger. In the technology-driven world that we currently live in, it's incredibly easy to fall into the trap of comparing our success (or lack thereof) to someone else's achievements. It's easy to let social media run run our lives. It's easy to forget about what matters most in life.
3.Let gratitude be the driving force in your life.
The first thing I do when I wake up is write down three to five things that I am grateful for that day. Another way that I bring gratitude into my life is by going on a daily gratitude walk.
4.Get lost in a great book.
Reading a great book helps me to see the world in a different light and forget about all of the problems going on in the world.
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cheer up dude
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Aug 20
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