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6.     Like Byron at Missolonghi, Jack London was slowly killed by the mistakes of the medical men who treated him.

(A) Like Byron
(B) Like Byron’s death
(C) Just as Byron died
(D) Similar to Byron
(E) As did Byron

Choice A correctly compares two persons, Byron and Jack London. Choice B illogically compares Byron’s death to London. Choice C does not compare one person to another and could be read as saying Just at the time that Byron died. Choice D misstates the idea: the point is not thatLondon was similar to Byron but that he was like Byron in the manner of his death. In choice E, did cannot grammatically be substituted for wasin the phrase was slowly killed. This question is a little more difficult than the average.

完全不明白这里的C是怎么错的= =。同理,下一道题的DE也完全不明白怎么错的。按理来说I did this as He did不应该是正确的吗?

7.     Like Haydn, Schubert wrote a great deal for the stage, but he is remembered principally for his chamber and concert-hall music.

(A) Like Haydn, Schubert
(B) Like Haydn, Schubert also
(C) As has Haydn, Schubert
(D) As did Haydn, Schubert also
E) As Haydn did, Schubert also

Choice A is correct. In B, also is redundant after Like, which establishes the similarity between Haydn and Schubert. As in choices C, D, and E is not idiomatic in a comparison of persons; has in C wrongly suggests that the action was recently completed; and also in D and E is superfluous. This question is a little more difficult than the average.

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对于just as 有个习惯搭配: just  具体例子在 OG2016 Diagnotics SC 52 题
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devilmars 发表于 2016-7-13 11:03
第二题的D和E应该是错在also上了,B选项已经解释了。如果没有also我觉得DE都没问题 ...

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我没有仔细研究过like, as等的区别,但是这两道题都是comparison的题,试试meaning上的Parallelism来解。这两道题的主语都是人,所以比较的前面部分根据平行的原则也应该是人,凡是加了名词,动词等的都可以排除。 另一个视角,希望有帮助。其他跟楼上们学习了~
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我觉得第一题如果是C选项的话,那么意思就会变成把Byron died这件事情和 Jack London was slowly killed这件事情进行比较,但是这样比较的逻辑是不对的,句子的原意应该是讲Jack London这个人be slowly killed 这个经历和Byron这个人经历的类似,所以用like比较恰当
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