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[校友答疑] Boston University (BU) MBA Class of 2013 & 2012 Taking Questions

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Dear CDers,

We are Boston University (BU) students, Class of 2012. We are here to help you learn more about BU and support you with application advice. If you have any questions about BU, you are more than welcome to post here. We have assembled a small team with diverse background from healthcare, IT, finance and marketing and we will actively share our application and BU experience with you.

We highly suggest that you do your homework first. You can browse the following sites to find the basics:

General Information:
Various Programs:
Admission Process:

Let's get started!

BU Basics: You might or might not know

?      Unique curriculum that fuses the Art, Science, and Technology of Business
?      Very generous program: average scholarship award is btw $18000-$20000 a year. Every Chinese student in the full-time MBA program received a scholarship.
?      Small class size, collaborative community
?      Strong job placement data in the tough economy, 90% of Class of 2009 and 95% of Class of 2008 received an offer within 3 months of graduation
?      Strong upward momentum in terms of rankings

Current Ranking of Full Time MBA Program of BU (Blue: US, Red: Global)

?US News 2010:                            #31  
?WSJ 2007:                                  #25  
?Forbes 2009:                               #61
?Economist 2009:                          #21 #40
?Financial Times 2010:                   #35 #61

BU Strengths Highlight

MS-MBA Program – About half of its full-time students pursue this unique curriculum. In the same 21-month time frame as the regular MBA program, MS-MBA students earn two degrees: a traditional MBA with a concentration, and a Master of Science in Information Systems.

Public & Nonprofit Management ProgramFounded in 1975, the PNP is designed for students who seek to use core business management skills to address society's most challenging humanitarian and social problems in the global economy, whether they plan to work in the government, nonprofit, or private sector. Boston being the hub of nonprofit organizations, BU PNP students have gained great exposures to opportunities in the public and nonprofit through the wide network of the program and alumni.  Recent PNP graduate students have landed jobs in Citizen Bank, Government Accountability Office, United Way, etc.

Health Sector Program – BU is well-known for its health sector program. It is ranked 17th for accredited health care programs in the country.It is in close proximity to some of the top healthcare companies and institutions in the world, including Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Biogen Idec, Genzyme, Boston Scientific etc. Graduates have a consistent history of successful job placement. In four of the last five years, the health sector program has had 100% job placement at graduation.Program alumni hold key leadership positions in a wide variety of settings, providing a rich and responsive array of networking opportunities.

Location, Location, Location – Boston is a world-class hub of business and entrepreneurial resources. It is a major hub for healthcare and IT industries in the US. That means an unparalleled concentration of intellectual, business, entrepreneurial, and scientific organizations in the healthcare and IT sectors that seek and reward a constant inflow of fresh young minds with new energy and new ideas. Not to mention its cultural assets (architecture, art, museums, libraries, symphony),historical landmarks, restaurants and clubs, shopping, and our college and pro sports teams. The School itself is just two blocks away from the Fenway Park where the Red Sox play (You will love them once you are here). One of the largest cities in the US, Boston is not far away from other large cities on the East coast. It is a 4 hour drive to New York City, 6 hours to Philadelphia, and 8 hours to Washington DC (Well, that is not too far by US standard). The Greater Boston area also has one of the largest groups of Chinese residents in the US, making your life easier and perhaps better in many ways.

Class Profile - 2012

Out of the 161 BU students in Class 2012, about 6% are from Greater China area. According to the school, 6 are from mainland China (Chinese passport holders), plus 4 from Taiwan.

Students from Greater China area have very diverse background: finance (private equity, corporate finance), healthcare, IT and consumer goods.

About the Application

The following is a BusinessWeek interview with Director of BU MBA Admissions Chris Storer.

In general, BU looks for candidates who have great leadership skills and team spirits, committed to further strengthen the brand name of BU, and will succeed at BU both inside and outside the classroom

Interview - School

A trip to campus for interview would be nice but not necessary. Admission officers at BU travel extensively to conduct interviews worldwide. They rely very little on alumni in this matter. You should be ready to describe your understanding of BU's culture and the benefit of the program.

Wish you all good luck and let us know if you have any questions.
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现在T还没考,马上考,G也一般,710,AW 5



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2011来顶一下!关于课程,生活和实习我们二年级可能更能够回答。请大家尽情提问。BU最大的优点就是奖学金多啊,对于Cost/benefit 讲究的同学不妨多了解一下BU。
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我先来问个问题:能不能分享一下mainland China里TX的G/T成绩?T会拒<100的对吗?
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刚刚问过Dean of MBA Admissions, 说学校今年刚把TOEFL的分数线从100降了95.

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看见学校对雅思的成绩要求是每项达到6.5,我总分6.5(除了作文没达到6.5 其他都超过6)这样学校还会接受吗
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比较关心的是中国学生的毕业去向问题。去年MBA Tour上有人问BU的校友关于中国学生就业出路问题,那位校友的回答很牛“你看我们都回来了,还能好到哪”(原话大致是这么个意思)。另外BU在BusinessWeek上关于学校就业服务这一项打分确实不是很理想,Graduates comments也很多。当然,每个学校都不可能是完美的,都会有自己的长板和短板。想要听到更多更真实的声音。
 楼主| 发表于 2010-8-19 08:06:41 | 显示全部楼层
学校的答复是,建议你重考, 让每部分都至少有6.5
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