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[就业出路] OM PhD Job Market 经验+碎碎念

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发表于 2022-9-6 01:21:11 | 显示全部楼层
aiyo_not_bad 发表于 2022-9-4 23:32
动不动就是“了此残生”。。。小村子里也可以有幸福开心的生活。稍微积极向上一点,多出去走走看看,负能 ...

Confucius said, "Good medicine tastes bitter". These words, poignant yet brutally down-to-earth, are thought-provoking and make for good advice or even are a wakeup call in certain personal circumstances.
'Positive energy' is a big catchphrase in current Chinese political discourse and social media. While it is much touted and promoted, at times it may not be a bad idea to have a certain dose of 'negative energy'.

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