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莫清崴博士編著的文法修辭精粹 - 片語大集

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莫清崴博士編著的文法修辭精粹 - 片語大集


Dear CDs,



Prefer A to B- 喜歡A勝過喜歡B


Ambition to V.- 有做~的企圖心


On display-展示中


Credit with-歸功, 優點


Spend time +Ving


Be subject to – 容易受到的統治, 支配


Regard as- 被認為是


Capable of (介詞+Ving)- 有能力


Enable O. to V.- (事物)使()能夠


Be known as- 通常,名叫, or 以~~聞名


Range from A to B


Of +抽象名字= Adj.


The+ Country name- 總稱這個country的人


Ex, the Irish 總稱愛爾蘭人, the English 總稱英國人


Search for +N= In search of + N 尋找


Announcing findings- 公佈調查結果


By means of – 表用~手段


One another- use for more that 3, Each other – use for just 2


Confide to someone- 頃吐


Not so much A as B-


Either~ or ~- use single for the N


From A to B


Not only~ but also~


A result of-~造成的後果


Appear to that- 似乎


Better suit to A than suit to B- 適合A勝過適合B


Has yet to, or Have yet to- 還得


Up to- 長達


Not so much as (不可有even)


Be consider by +N (consider as/to be是錯的)


Forbid someone to do something. (V.)      


Given the effect- 考慮到~的影響


Serve as- 當作~用


Confronted with + N - 面對


Broke of at – 從~斷裂


Distinguish between A and B= Distinguish A from B


As do… -就像是


Leave A for B (A,B要平衡)- 為了某個原因離開


Foray into- 襲擊


Number among the...-列為or 計算入~之一,其中一個


Cite A as B- 引用A作為B


Just as..., so… - 正如…, 同樣的


Twice as many/much as (depends on {C} or {U})= Double the figure for…


Require O. to V.- 要求的慣用語法


Not A but rather B… (A,B並沒有時間上先後的關係)


No less… than= as… as – 相同於


ex: In Law, In Business, In medical


So… that= so… as to – 因為太以致於…. (= In order to)


Lacking in.. –缺乏


{Because of, As a result of, In spite of, Despite, Between Among}+ N.


Despite = IN spite of + N


Due to – 由於, 起因於


Turnaround in ….- 徹底改變觀點和態度


Turn… toward…-轉變到


Urge…to +V.- 懇求, 力求


Evolve from + 不及物動詞- 發展, 引出


Evolve to +及物動詞


Emerge from+ 不及物動詞


Prevent from…-防止


Performance of ..- 演出, 表演


Both A and B = A and B alike


See A as B= Regard A as B = View A as B = Think of A as B


Purpose … to…- 表目的,作用


Provide +人+with +- 提供某人某物


Plan to do sth.-計畫做….


In contract to …= Unlike- 對照, 完全不同


Contrasts with= Differs from- 表“不同於“ (in regard to in respect to 搭配使用)


Be superior to = Be better than – 比~好


Conclude by /with- 做結論


Complain (及物時)+ that, Complain (不及物)+ of –抱怨


Be inclined to do sth.= tend to – 有~的傾向


Evidence of…= 的徵兆


Increase of….= Rise to…- 表增加到的程度


In protest of …-表明抗議


Desirable in…- 視為值得


Root in- 源自


Think of A as B= A be though of as B –A認為是B


A, B, and C -敘述上 A,B,C有時間現後的順序, A最早C最晚


Concern of…-of 接說明concern的內容


Possibility of…- of 接說明possibility 可能的內容


Impact on- 衝擊,影響


The advantage of -…的優勢




Help somebody in Ving. –幫助人家


Dubious about- 懷疑,猶豫


Make a living by- 維生


Estimate +N +{ at/ to be} + N or Estimate + N + {to be}+ Adj.


Surprised somebody by Ving.- 讓某人吃驚


The same ~ as- 一樣


Aspire to/after- 追求,有志於


Set a standard, the standard somebody set


Condemn to…-宣告有罪


Force … to do sth.- 強迫


Difficult of N.= Difficult to V.


Importance of A and B In/After 


ex:  He will arrive in
three days.


He arrived after 3 days.


Center on- 為中心


Sth. Were laid by sb.-某物由某人奠定


Responsible for…-….負責任


Interest in… -..有興趣


Disinclined to V.- 表不願意做


Admit that= admit… to- 承認


Opposed= Objected to 反對, be opposed to+ 所有格 (his, her, its)



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